Levels of Learning

As we have heard many times for those of us who have or still listen to the Intelligence Report we are all aware of how Mark and Ed talk about bringing people into the fold and not just dumping everything on them less they run away. Many times they have talked everyone’s collective ear’s off about the levels of learning and how not everyone knows X or B but must be carefully taught.

Bullshit. That one word sums it up very well, the truth of the matter is there is no such thing as “levels of learning” when you tell the truth, in this case I am referring to what really matters: the Bill of Rights (BoR).   

When you tell the truth and point out how something violates the BoR it does not matter what level of learning someone has, if it violates this simple document it is illegal and can not be done, period. However, Ed would have everyone beleive that telling people the truth about the BoR will somehow chase everyone off, that detailing how something violates it will somehow turn them on us.

I believe anyone in America who is an actual American would agree that if you do not believe in the BoR you are in the wrong country, anyone who is told how something violates that document then promptly hisses, spits, attacks you or runs is most certainly not an American. Granted, they might be skeptical to varying degrees but if you hammer on that document and lay it out the truth remains irrefutable.

Rarely in the many years I listened to Mark or Ed did they talk about the BoR to any great length, most of the time they just yammered about personal opinions of what is going on, not how it ties into the BoR let alone the Constitution. That right there is what scares people away, they speak opinion, theocracy and oligarchy not about legality, true if we have a civil war or revolution in this country tomorrow it will be heavily based on those despicable things but it will also be philosphical.

The BoR was and still is a written philosophy, people see it as law but behind it was the philosophy that people can make up their own minds for themselves and should not be forced one way or another into anything, that ultimately it is up to them to take care of themselves but neither can they step on someone else.

If one listens to Mark and Don you will hear nothing but theocracy, an endless hammering of the bible by Don while Mark lends silent support while never challenging the blatant truth: we are not a theocracy, we are a republic and while he points this out never is it said what KIND of republic we are: A constitutional republic with an emphasis on the Bill of Rights.

Listening to other broadcasts out there yields basically the same result: everyone screams about the republic and constitution but never the BoR and how it affects us nor how it is being violated. Indeed if they ever have pointed out a violation it is only to serve their own ends before quickly shelving said document because it just as quickly shoots them down in their attempts to sieze power for oligarchy (masonry, jews, etc) or theocracy (jesus land, christendom).

What does it all mean? It means things are being carefully sculpted, the “levels of learning” is just a massive lie being shoveled at everyone as an excuse to push their own religious dogma or hide their personal ambitions of being dukes and barons.

You can never scare anyone away with the BoR in hand.

Anyone who would run away will never be on your side anyway, the only way to scare people off is to give personal opinion and theology not cold, hard fact and law. Some might run away when they first hear it but they might just come back later, if you seed that BoR in their minds and state the facts it will fester and grow, it will gnaw at their mind because it is the truth.

Something else that remains paramount in all of this is the almighty concious. One thing I have never heard any broadcaster mention and I mean any, is that everyone has a concious whether they follow it or as most do: DONT.

One side would have us believe that by dumping the BoR on people will run them away, lies and slander.

As William Cooper once said: telling the truth only hurts when you’re wrong.

Too many hide behind excuses and call things lies because they would rather hide in their flimsy bubble rather than risk it breaking, do not concern yourself with them, these are the kind that will sit the war out until the guillotines go up then come out screaming how they are on the side that won the war, if last week the OTHER side had won they would be waving THEIR flag instead.

Never will they be on the side of the BoR, ever, dont even waste your time on them, if they wont look at the BoR and think prefering to pretend they have no concious let them burn. Everyone must remember that the grand total of the population that openly rebelled against Briton was quite small, the bulk tried to sit on the fence then jump at the last second when things swung in favor of the Americans.

Everyone no matter how ignorant or retarded has a concious somewhere in their thick skulls, that tiny, nagging voice, that same little voice that when someone throws the BoR in their face will either make them flee like cockroaches or scream in the back of their had that something is wrong and to listen.

Those who would have us believe in “levels of learning” or varying degrees of knowledge never want to touch on this because of something very simple: when everyone sees that cop blow grandpa away for sitting on the porch they feel something inside, fear, anger, hate, sorrow, defeat, vengence or a myrriad of other feelings. Their concious is screaming and kicking that something is horribly wrong and this is when the truly nefarious part of all this begins.

Rather than hold up the BoR and point out the truth certain groups of broadcasters instead try and ease people into their oligarchy or theocracy, they try to ease them into their personal realm of control and spoon feed them bits and pieces rather than just say the truth: It was an absolute violation of the BoR and nor was this the only one, look at A, B, D, F through Z and that is just the first pile of people murdered.

It is better in their eyes to encourage them to vote or engage in “civil disobedience” till hell freezes over, to listen in to their programs as they bemoan what happened while never explaining where things went wrong.

Where things went wrong… This is one more reason I do not believe in levels of learning, by witholding such critical information the person who just tuned in is now looking for anything, anything at all they can latch onto in a desperate plee to get this figured out so it can be solved.

In comes the oligarchy and theologists telling them it will all be okay if they just vote, listen in and do as they are told. Never mind those founding documents, we will spoon feed you bits of it as we deem necessary, your Christian? Good, this goes against god’s law too but which god? Lots of gods out there folks, so who’s god is right?

Controlling what people are exposed to is what got us here in the first place, information was cut off, no longer taught or outright taught to not exist in the first place, that with but a whisper it can be done away with. This is what so called “patriot broadcasters” are promoting en masse: that only they have the key to the door.

Everyone has a key to this almighty door, its called a concious and when aided by the BoR in its original format without any bending, twisting or selective hearing it can hold up against any storm no matter how harsh.

But what of those poor saps who were spoon fed? Their “levels of learning” will prevent them from breaking out, forever damned into one camp or the other as they are tugged one way then another while being fed lies in an endless stream. True, a large portion may be truth but the most dangerous lie is one that comes at the end of truth.

Long ago this technique was pefected and used by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and even today: Feed the public 90% bullshit and lies then give that one sliver of truth to keep them hooked and you will own them for life, just dont let them learn about the BoR and explain it to them, keep that under control less they break free again.

There lies the worm in the apple, a fastering rot from within, the denial of a concious and deeming that others are “not ready” to know, that somehow by telling them the hard truth and backing it up with cold hard facts will chase them away.

No, all you manage is to control and warp people, bend them to one political parties will, turn them into mindless drones because they are so eager to find a solution you twist them to your side by hiding the whole truth. Once that whole truth is hidden they can be kept under control and by the time they figure it out they are so warped and eager to keep their new bubble be it “just gettings things back to the way they were 40 years ago” or “christian kingdom ho!” They will hiss at anyone who now tries to fill the gaps in.

Everyone does indeed start somewhere for learning, but they must be taught the BoR FIRST then go from there, having them hear an endless drone of theology or good ole boy syndrom will not help for now they will have less interest in the BoR and more in “ye good ole days of yore.” Those old times when the king only took 30% not 70%, if only we could just get back to those good ole days…

Of course if a war broke out they would be herded like sheep into the slaughter houses of these factions to die horribly in endless droves in a mad dash to see which corrupt SOB can claim the throne first, the BoR will have taken a back seat as it is no longer important: Only victory at any cost matters now!

This is how wars of ideology and philosophy are fought, first in peoples minds then the battlefield, these wars become some of the most bloody and horrific wars the world has ever seen as populations are wiped from the face of the earth and indeed that is the ONLY way to win a war of ideology and we are in the beginings of one.

Should you ever hear anyone say “not everyone is up to speed” or anything of the sort, just laugh them off. Everyone has a brain, eyes and ears, I think most of us can read too, so rather than lie about “scaring them off” or claiming “they are not ready to make that leap” just throw it out the window and hand them the BoR and explain things in simple terms.

Dont bullshit people, give them the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Back it up with that BoR all the way without missing a beat and when your done let THEM decide for themselves rather than dance around the fire.

Dont pawn them off onto radio broadcasts that tell half truths or blurr things, no theologists, no masons, no jews. Just give them the truth, show the world for what it is and let them make up their own minds without treating people like idiots.

Idiots, that is how they are treating people, like idiots, maybe they will admit to that but its the truth all the same. By saying they are “not up to speed” or have issues due to “levels of learning” they are basically calling them idiots.

You only remain and idiot or ignorant if you choose to be and that is entirely your choice, no on elses.

A strong start in the BoR will launch someone to find the truth, hammering out facts quickly after will give them a foundation of stone and steel to work with, from there it is entirely up to them as only their concious can guide them.

Which is the LAST thing these other factions want, by treating them like idiots, giving them foundations of sand and lying to them these people will now falter when things get hard but dont worry, thats the point: big daddy will be there to catch them, just take this gun and bible and charge that hill in the name of jesus land.

Folks, there is no such thing as “levels of learning” or not being “up to speed” anymore with the internet and decades of howling and the printing press having been around for over four hundred years.

All that exists is people and their conscious.

19 thoughts on “Levels of Learning

  1. Vekar. I agree. So many good points you make. To play into “level of learning” is to coddle. In a way, it’s also to lie, to lie by withholding truth.

    There are a few litmus tests out there, great for weeding out the gate-keepers: 9/11, Holocaust, Jewish Power. I think we can add The Bill of Rights to that list. Those public voices who do not promote it fail the litmus test and may therefore be dismissed as enemy agents.

    Levels of learning apply to the young in teaching reading, writing, math and in other areas of study. It is not there to use as an excuse for hiding the truth or leading people away from their own self-determinism, their own rights.

    Thanks, Vekar.


    1. Your welcome, its been bothering me for years ever since I first turned on the Intelligence Report and heard those words.

  2. [Insert Applause]

    That was awesome.

    The Bill of Rights…

    That’s Right…it’s a Bill.

    And when you have a bill…

    You have to pay it.

    Well…this bill is overdue.

    And as sure as the sun will shine.

    This Bill will be paid..

    And Vengeance will be mine.

  3. Damn good piece Henry. These assholes that have ruined our law are also the same idiots who tried to destroy the simplicity of the nt.piss on em…. If they refuse to read(you know they can)…. Then their concious has been”seared with a hot iron” says “Apostle Paul” and they care nothing for their fellow Americans. Hang in there brother. It gets more interesting……

  4. What these other broadcasters will NOT do in HOURS, Henry Shivley accomplishes in 45 minutes. He hammers news articles with the Bill of Rights and common law, pointing out each violation using the Bill of Rights as the standard. Man, talk about an education, this is it! Who could not love and respect our BofR’s and speak solely regarding it as the solution to this “ball of spaghetti?”

    I’m so grateful to Henry for his unswerving, committed, ferocious stand to come up everyday to teach, inform, correct and confront those that would lead others elsewhere other than our BofR’s.

    Others ramble up, down, around, etc. with endless talking that only leads to more confusion. Many people know there’s a problem, NOW it’s time for the solution, and The Word From The Trenches is where those solutions are had everyday.

    Vekar, thanks for taking the time to write this and post it. This needs to be said and read by those that promote anything but our BofR’s and common law.

  5. Henry does this EVERYDAY! Until others step up to the plate they are nothing more than the myriad of talking heads heard everywhere.

    “Dont bullshit people, give them the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Back it up with that BoR all the way without missing a beat and when your done let THEM decide for themselves rather than dance around the fire.”

  6. Wow Vekar, this is all of if in a nut shell, Thank you for writing this, as I too have been feeling it for years.

  7. Also, we are not following Henry, ie- in his camp. Henry has never set himself up as camp leader, but has provided us with the tool of the BofR’s and common law to enable us to lead our own life as well as comprehend who we are as American national’s as being on par with the crown heads of Europe.

  8. Well said, Vekar, and I remember the shills in the 9-11 truth movement always insisting that the public “wasn’t ready” for certain pieces of information, while all they were really doing was trying to stall the spread of truth.

    The Bill of Rights is our defining and unifying document, and anyone who’s not supporting it is definitely our enemy.

    I don’t believe in the “levels of learning” theory either, but to some extent, we are dealing with the deprogramming of a brainwashed population, and that does require a slightly more tactful approach before they’ll open their eyes to reality. Once they’re no longer under the spell, they should be directed toward the Bill of Rights exclusively, but you do have to remember that many people have been hit with messages like “rights are only for criminals” for their entire lives. They need to be pried away from the Zionist’s influence before you can tell them anything. (I know this from personal experience) They need to learn how they’ve been duped, and accept that they’ve been duped before they’ll even listen to us about anything, and that can take time, patience, and the tactical dissemination of info.

    Any broadcast directed toward patriots should definitely be centered around the restoration of the Bill of Rights, and those who are still brainwashed aren’t listening to the Intelligence Report anyway.

    Henry was absolutely right about the crooks he’s been exposing on his show of the last two nights. They’re definitely trying to hijack the patriot movement for their own ends, and they’re definitely the enemy.

  9. Huh? Whaa?

    Dang i read that whole diatribe…and its early here in the islands with our volcano going off too…

    Mr Vekar, nailed it, quite well…thank u. I have much respect for Mark K, but he needs to come out fully for freedom and the BoR, we will not put up with some new version of Government under the miltia/theocracy movement.

    It is BoR sacrosanct 100% or its blood war, no matter “who” is trying to compromise…..

    The BoR “IS” the awakening…but others wish to go around and have a discussion about what the definition of is, is….

  10. This is how the bar association fooled everyone. People read the bor and thought,”it can’t be that simple!!!! There has to be secrets hidden in there. I’m just not educated or qualified enough to see them.
    Talk about a freemasonic snowjob!!!!
    Same as the Catholic Church and the English new testament.,….. Jewish bullshit……

  11. Vekas really is right–FTTWR really is the only platform out there telling or teaching about the Bill of Rights. That is why FTTWR is the only platform I donate to! As for Koernke, or anyone else desiring a theocracy–and I say this as a true believer in Christ–ANY theocracy run by ANY person who needs to get the log out of his own eye before removing a “mote” out of someone else’s is tyranny. Folks, God’s “kingdom” is NOT OF THIS EARTH! And, whether I believe in Christ is not the point–since going to jail for “failure to appear” in some monkey court for “no seat belt” and being unable to breastfeed my 8-month-old daughter (and then dealing with the fallacies of McLaren’s ‘Republic of Texas’ movement), I AM READY, and I don’t need Mark’s ‘levels of learning’! (Anyway, did Mark ever have to deal with what me and mine did? I doubt it!)

  12. Bravo, Vekar. BRAVO! In regards to levels of learning, it seems you have taken the BoR some may perceive as so simple, yet reveal the sheer divinity and freedom that if understood and exercised it possesses. It is the non-religious ten commandments of human decency and common consideration of others, while still acknowledging you can be or do whatever you want as long you don’t take their freedoms or Rights. Yet another reason to believe we are surrounded by great minds on FTTWR.

    1. ‘It is the non-religious ten commandments of human decency and common consideration of others, ‘……….excellent description 🙂

  13. I’m one of the lucky ones… I found FTT early on once I got back on the internet (2012… 6 yrs. this month). All of the best articles (AND comments) were linked to here from Before It’s News… so it was a no-brainer.

    Good to see you writing, Vekar. 🙂

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