Levels Of Radioactive Caesium Soar 90-Fold – Fukushima

Published on Jul 10, 2013 by PigMine4

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July 10, 2013 – Tests at Japan’s Fukushima power plant have revealed a 90-fold increase in caesium-134 in…

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Tests at Japan’s Fukushima power plant have revealed a 90-fold increase in caesium-134 in groundwater at the site between July 5 and July 7.

Tepco, which runs the facility that was badly damaged by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, said in a press release that the surge had been detected at an observation well between a damaged reactor and the sea.

The record spike in caesium-134 comes after recent discoveries of high levels of other radioactive elements such as tritium and strontium. It all suggests that contaminated water could be spreading through the plant from the contaminated reactors towards the Pacific Ocean.

Masao Yoshida, the plant’s chief at the time of the tsunami, has died of oesophageal cancer at the age of 58. He led efforts to stabilise the crippled site in the wake of the disaster.

5 thoughts on “Levels Of Radioactive Caesium Soar 90-Fold – Fukushima

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have yet to see any coverage of this on any News, and the condition of the ones here in the US is not seen either much.

    1. You’re not really expecting to see the news when you watch the news, are you, teresa? Someone needs to shake you until you wake up. Why do you think an “alternative news” even exists?

      These aren’t “wannabe journalists”. They’re frustrated Americans who know there’s a need for real news to be exposed, and most have reluctantly taken up the task simply because it needs to be done, and “the news” isn’t doing it.

      1. Dear Jolly, actually been up since 2 am I would consider myself up.don’t shake me yet. I choose to read everything I can and then make my opinion. I don’t see much of this on Alternative sites as they to can be one sided. That’s all, and yes I know NONE of the TV news shows things they need to. Thanks have a great day!

  2. Don’t worry. The EPA, the USDA, and the FDA have all decided that radioactive cesium is now perfectly safe. So safe in fact, that it will now become the “water sufficient for processing” in your next canned food item. (they have to put it somewhere)

    1. yup already is am sure! Hey did you see the RFID chips in the diapers? Someone on here slammed me for my RFID post, but just read the diaper article today. He says there is NO such thing, HA

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