Lexington – Concord – Grand Island, Nebraska?

The final skirmish for the GOP primary season will occur this weekend at Grand Island in the great state of Nebraska via their state convention.  We have seen the most outrageous and treacherous acts being perpetrated upon the voting public by the GOP establishment as almost a course of action through the primaries, caucuses, and conventions and Nebraska is promising to be a proper finale indeed.

The GOP establishment is now trying to play the victim and has hired a private security company to protect them and their process against what they are calling the “Paulistas”.  This is pure hypocrisy as it has been the establishment and their thugs, both in and out of uniform, who have disenfranchised and abused those supporting Ron Paul every step of the way.

We have returned to the days of the robber barons when our grandfathers, through their ignorance as to their absolute rights under the Constitution, accepted the socialist labor unions as the answer to the corporate power monopoly of the day.  It is a matter of history that the corporate elite did at that time hire private armies to enforce their will upon those they wanted to enslave.  These privateers went as far as to use machine guns and aerial bombardments at places like Blair Mountain, West Virginia in opposition to the united coal miners.

Things are a bit different this time around as the people of the United States are far more educated and this time when faced with slavery we have embraced our Constitution and our rights and do intend to have both enforced, thus the Ron Paul Revolution.

I think the corporate elite are making a big mistake in employing a private army to put down the advocates of Ron Paul.  I further think it is the intent of the Republican establishment to harshly confront the lawful Ron Paul delegates in Nebraska in an attempt to shut the movement down using the same strong arm tactics implemented upon the Occupy Movement across our country.  In fact things could get out of hand if the Ron Paul supporters stand their ground.

There was a short video in the news yesterday wherein it was said that shots had been fired in Los Angeles, apparently at Occupy protesters who had confronted the LA Gestapo.  If one of the Paul supporters is badly hurt or killed, this could very well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This weekend in Nebraska we will see the determination of the international corporate mafia to maintain the status quo.  And for those who think it just can’t happen, read the history.  Look at what occurred on Blair Mountain, West Virginia in 1921.

Entire countries are invaded for the kind of wealth that is at stake here.  So all you Ron Paul supporters in Nebraska, if you are going to the convention, I would strongly suggest that you have whatever self defense weapons on hand that the law allows.  This is a crucial moment.  Be strong and do not back down.  Any unwarranted assault on our people in Nebraska must be addressed using whatever force necessary to secure our rights and liberties guaranteed under our Bill of Rights.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Lexington – Concord – Grand Island, Nebraska?

    1. Thank you for the notice. We have made the correction. We published the article “Nebraska GOP Hires Extra Security to Stop the Ron Paul Revolution” from The New American on Thursday and this is where we got the incorrect information. Hopefully someone has pointed out the discrepancy to The New American.
      Again, thank you for the correction.

  1. Millions would still be alive if Hitler had been confronted early, before he could consolidate his power. So it is again. It is hard to stand our ground, to fight for what is right, easier to capitulate. But capitulating doesn’t mean the fight is over, just that we will have to fight another day, but next time the fascists will be stronger.

    1. I know. Wouldn’t things be so much easier, if everyone followed the damn law and Constitution and the people of the U.S. did their duty to enforce it, instead of just letting them tread on you until you can’t take it any longer and until all their rights are gone. Wow. What a concept! Then maybe people wouldn’t have to start useless protests everywhere or pay countless amounts of money for illegal permits to protest and then get arrested just for holding a sign and speaking your mind even when you have a permit to do so (which, according to the Constitution, PERMITS OR PAYING TO PROTEST FOR FREE SPEECH IS ILLEGAL UNDER THE 1ST AMENDMENT!!!)
      or making people go to the point of taking up arms and enforcing the laws OURSELVES since nothing is going to F**KING CHANGE and no one is going to F**KING DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!

      Imagine impeaching both Bushs’, Clinton and Obama. I think after the second impeachment, the politicians would start to get the picture of who is really in control of our country and it most certainly is NOT them. But nope, we’d just rather watch “America’s Biggest Loser” to see who will lose the most weight the quickest or “Dancing with Stars” or Miley Cyrus’ new outfit. You know, the kind of stuff that is more important in this world than our corrupt government.

      1. Hey NC ya got a way with words., ha ha ha . Anyway I fully agree with your 2nd. paragraph, but in the first para. do you really think that people need laws and to have to follow the constitution?, I don`t think so because people know how to act if they are not influenced by out side influences – living situations. nutrition, laws that are ridiculous, incarcerations for non violent offences ect., ect., you know the story NC. Like previous posts – the constitution don`t mean a hill of beans if it is not applied to all involved. Nothing more than ink on a old peice of paper and those who wrote it are dead now. So it is obvious that the constition does not apply anymore as long as it is not followed by the govt. As for following the law, that is a joke!. period!, If ya get arrested all ya gotta do is snitch out someone or be rich enough to buy a cop or a judge. I know by first hand ex. My freind snitched me out for what my freind did and I shut up and did my time. Once again the guilty got away. Not funny – I had to sit time for my freind. Keeper of the flame I was. Stand tall and keep on a smilin` NC

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