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LGPA’s facial recognition “hospitality program” to be used to convince fans that everyone is a potential terrorist


Golf fans will be happy to know that the LPGA considers every fan a potential terrorist.

Last week an article in Sport Techie revealed that the LPGA is using NEC’s biometric NeoFace facial recognition technology to identify every fan.

Why would the LGPA use facial recognition to spy on fans?  

If you guessed public safety, give yourself a gold star.

“I think people want to be safe,” said Lisa Johnson, who works a key business development role at NEC and assists stadium and arena operators with facial recognition solutions.

Officially the LPGA announced they were partnering with NEC seven months ago, but the truth is they have been using facial biometrics to spy on fans since at least last year.

LPGA’s facial biometrics to predict acts of terror
image credit: Rights and Dissent

The LPGA  joins Amazon and law enforcement in using facial biometrics to predict crimes and acts of terror before they happen.

“Our solutions provide the technology-based partnerships required for accurate real-time and post-event investigations – providing new ways to predict threats…”

Sport Techie revealed that the LPGA can scan 3.02 million faces per second in their search to identify potential terrorists.

And it gets worse…

NEC’s dream team claims that by partnering with a facial recognition company, golfers can improve their swings.

Try not to laugh as you watch NEC’s excuse to use facial biometrics..

NEC is using media propaganda on an unprecedented scale…

“NEC will be interwoven into the LPGA Stat story (#NECLPGAStats) through: new infographics, which will be shared on LPGA social channels; a new stat feature, which will debut on LPGA.com; and, starting this week at the Pure Silk Bahamas and continuing in select LPGA domestic broadcasts, there will be an enhanced technology element sponsored by NEC, giving fans insight into player drives on certain holes.” 

NEC’s media (propaganda) machine has outdone itself.

I thought I saw it all with IdentoGo’s PreCheck facial recognition bus tour which tries to convince Americans that facial recognition is good.

But NEC makes IdentoGo’s propaganda bus tour look like child’s play. 

NEC plans on providing LGPA fans with facial biometric hospitality programs!

“The partnership will also include hospitality programs in various markets around the world.”

Cambridge dictionary’s definition of “hospitality” is “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors.”

Because nothing says friendly and welcoming like using facial biometrics to spy on everyone.

Oddly or perhaps intentionally the LGPA fails to mention how facial recognition programs are used to create secret watch lists. The LPGA joins a long list of professional sports leagues using facial recognition to create secret watch lists. (Click here to find out more.)

NEC propaganda aside, the real reason why sports leagues are adopting facial recognition is to limit their liability.

We have reached a new low in America, when facial biometric companies use social media, buses and hospitality programs to influence public opinion.


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3 Responses to LGPA’s facial recognition “hospitality program” to be used to convince fans that everyone is a potential terrorist

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    It’s very simple: If you don’t like the use of facial recognition technology, boycott the LGPA, and they’ll stop using the technology.

    If people attend the event, and show no objection to the technology being employed, you can expect to see it pop up in other places, too.

    I’m really sick of asinine Americans who gladly have their rights trampled just so they can watch some knucklehead sink a putt, put a ball in a hoop, or hit one with a bat.

    If you’re still attending these stupid Zionist circuses while your country is being destroyed, I really don’t give a rat’s rectum what happens to you or your family. You’re “part of the problem”, and I hope the next “big game” you attend is used as the next false-flag target.

    You have time to watch football while your country is being destroyed? SCREW YOU…. I hope your empty head gets popped like the balloon that it is.


    “You have time to watch football while your country is being destroyed? SCREW YOU…. I hope your empty head gets popped like the balloon that it is.”

    WELL SAID!!!!!!

  3. flee says:

    L esbian
    G olfers
    P ride
    A ss ociation

    I don’t know about u.

    But anything that has the word “Facial”.

    Scares me.

    Good thing I’m not homophobic.

    But hey …

    Hey if a bunch of lesbians want to take a 9 iron metal phallic symbol and put some guys balls called straighline into a hole and use the golf ball washer.

    Who am I to object….?

    As long as they make out at the 18th hole.

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