5 thoughts on “Libs LOSE IT Over “Let’s Go Brandon” Rifles

  1. Codephrase? What are we 2 years old? Lol!

    The condescending tone of these reporters is so obvious and irritating to listen to.

    Love how the reporter has to emphasize “Assault rifle” in order to demonize it and help promote their gun control propaganda.

    Then he has to mention that he asked the secret service if it was a threat in order to probably help our foreign government in occupation to instigate a ban or lockdown on guns and the people.

    The MSM truly is an enemy of our Republic.

  2. Isn’t it hilarious that a dishonest (aren’t they all) media traitor provided us with the phrase around which we can all unite? Ha ha!

  3. Cheesus!!! WHAT KIND OF SH*T IS THIS…. Blah Blah BLAH ! Baa Baaa!!!! Only one way to be free, Period.. The Bill of Rights

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