License Plate Readers Come To Ocean City

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OCEAN CITY, Md-If you’re a wanted criminal, you may want to steer clear from driving in Ocean City.

The Ocean City Police Department has recently installed license plate readers at all entrances into Ocean City.  

These locations include along Coastal Highway, Route 50 and Route 90. OCPD says they first started the project around six years ago. They finished adding the last license plate reader just yesterday, Lindsay Richard, OCPD Public Information Officer said.

“Say a wanted person or a stolen vehicle or someone driving with a revoked or suspended license comes into town, our dispatchers are alerted to that,” Richard said.

Some people we spoke with today said they think the readers are good because it may help officers catch more criminals.

“It’s difficult unless you actually have contact with them in a traffic stop or a crime or something like that, they have to have personal contact in order to run their names,” Patricia Temple said.

But others are more skeptical.

“If someone’s doing something wrong, then they get caught that way but just the whole cameras and just checking our license plates I just don’t think it’s necessary,” Aaliyah Deshields said.

But OCPD says the information taken from the license plates will only be used for weeding out criminals

“none of that information is stored here, at least not for very long and there are very strict restrictions for us to be able to use the license plates,” Richard said.

Ocean City says for now, they’re happy with the new additions, but may be looking to add more mobile license plate readers in the future.

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  1. we have that here in Tennessee, they have expanded it to include vehicle, that have no auto insurance and will be ticket and fined.

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