Lift COVID-19 Lockdowns Worldwide on April 15, 2020

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To the Governments of Nations for the People

On April 15 most of the world will have been under ‘lockdown’ for a month or longer, as a result of governments their emergency measures to reduce COVID-19 infections in their countries.

During this period hundreds of billions, in whatever currency you want to count, will already be lost and the hundreds of billions in ’emergency packages’ will definitely result in higher taxes because governments will have added staggering amounts of debt that they will have to pay off over the next 30 to 40 years.

Small local businesses that were forced to close may never be able to open again. People have lost their jobs and have used up the little savings that they had.

Evidently, every life that is lost during this pandemic is one life too much but life does go on. We can’t keep all of our economies shut down beyond April 15 if we are serious about saving our nations, our cultures and our children’s future. It’s simply not realistic.

People have themselves and their children to feed. People need clothes and household products. People’s lives need to continue but that is only possible when they can go back to work.

The longer we quarantine and lock down entire cities and countries the more livelihoods will be lost and the more mental health problems people will have, which may result in an alarming increase in suicides. We must prevent this from happening!

Additionally, by April 15, governments must be in control of their medical emergency situations, that is why they were now given emergency powers. But these powers must not become a permanent fixture in society.

On April 15, governments should therefore also give back these powers that they were temporarily given by their citizens. With this much economic and political power in these few hands society can never rebound economically and heal physically and mentally. With this much power at stake, temptation is not what we should want to play political games with.

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14 thoughts on “Lift COVID-19 Lockdowns Worldwide on April 15, 2020

  1. I was hoping this was some sort of declaration of taking “their” asses apart!! Nope.
    And taking “their” asses apart IS the ONLY way!

  2. ‘On April 15, governments should therefore also give back these powers that they were temporarily given by their citizens.’ ………….wtf are you talking about? ‘powers that they were temporarily given by their citizens.’ …….. I told you before you are in the wrong trench….you are really pissing me off

    and we don’t do any petitions here

  3. I agree with both above comments; thanks for laying it out Hal & mary.
    Also, I never temporarily gave them ANY power, they stole it, as usual!

  4. Petitions are for the weak & are merely laughed at by the criminals in assumed power. They use violence & the threat of it in every form to control the masses. I’m with Hal, there is only one way your slavery will end – petitions & protests ain’t it! I’m not from the US & our guns were taken away ages ago. People here will usually be charged with assault or worse for defending themselves against home invaders with whatever they can use in their own homes! Awake people all around the world are looking at America for the spark that begins the worldwide destruction of the criminals that have brought us to where we are today. After that we can deal with all their accomplices & traitors. The culling needs to start at the top! Best wishes guys! We are watching & waiting!

  5. Mary in ND, I’m definitely not in the wrong trench, please don’t say that.

    Try to understand the information war. I fully understand what you mean and I too did not personally give my consent but like they give us signs and warnings so are we giving them signs and warnings. This is not hard to understand. The reality is that pretty much all government officials around the world have been dragged into this out of fear. None of them are reacting with common sense. I don’t want pity for them, I hate them more than anything but that is the reality. Fear, not common sense.

    Everything will start to change after the 15th (campaign and action wise). By then THEIR mind game will no longer be valid, whatever reason they will still come up with.

    I’ve seen guys on video in the U.S. and other places – who are extremely sensitive about their freedom – who also agree that we should give local government people – the small fish who believe that they are doing the right thing – the time to get a good overview of what is happening. Remember, most people are completely unaware of the agendas that are unfolding so they really believe that they are helping their communities. These folks too will, or should, eventually see that they’ve been deceived.

    So, since you say that I’m pissing you off, please continue this conversation, talk to me here or through email. Anywhere.

    Don’t think I’m backing off or try to subvert resistance outposts. The fact is that they plan their stuff decades ahead. We, on the other hand, seemingly can’t even plan 3 weeks ahead…


    1. Oh yeah, you are in the wrong f-king Trench, buddy.
      We will not plead with these f-king criminals. We will bitch slap, curb stomp, try and hang.
      They want to go at it with us, well it’s fixing to happen.
      I don’t know where you people come from. People who founded this country put liberty above their lives to make our absolute rights the supreme ratified law of this land. And they are going to obey our f-king laws or they are going in the f-king ground.
      Take this sissy shit somewhere else.

      1. I’m thinking a banner at the top of the page “This is not first grade. This is the Masters Graduating Class.” If you are new here, welcome. Please review the FREE archives. When you come to know ‘LIBERTY ABOVE LIFE’ join the rest of the class if you so choose. 🙂

  6. “Citizens”….

    Oh what a target rich environment the world is.
    I almost forgot that ‘citizens’ are some of the most blame-worthy players in the B.S. game I keep being included in. Despite my constant declarations to my non-gamer status.

    So here is a game I’ll play…
    You go eat a D
    And God may forgive you for your trespasses.

  7. Boris Johnson #StayHomeSaveLives
    · 1h
    Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus.

    I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to lead the government’s response via video-conference as we fight this virus.
    Together we will beat this. #StayHomeSaveLives
    This is such a bunch of ****!

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