10 thoughts on “In light of Afghanistan, how about an old-fashioned anti-war song

  1. One of my favorite songs, Galen. Thanks! If it don’t make you cry, I don’t know what will. Another favorite is “The War” by Lucero.

    1. Ahhh, thank you, Bob. What a beautiful version. Really tugs at the heart.

      Oh the aftermath of this insanity. So many wounded, broken and gone. Lift this curse, oh God.


      1. You Bet, Galen.
        Before Americans start jumping up and down yelling USA,USA..they should listen to that one and think about it for awhile, then decide what to do.
        History shows us the folly of war. How the public cheering and flag waving always turns to shame and remorse. How could we have been so stupid?….again.

  2. gee wiz mommy..i did not know that waltzing mazilla was a light anti war song, but Johnny got his gun cause he was not a fortunate son..

  3. Americans will stop loving war when “All Quiet on the Western Front” and “Cross of Iron” and “Gallipoli” and other true anti-war movies come home to roost in this nation, and folks forget who the God-forsaken Katherine Bigelow is! “Hurt Locker,” indeed! (In case you never heard of “Cross of Iron,” it is maybe the most anti-war movie ever set during WW2, from the German side point of view. Russian front and all that.

    1. And thanks for a true anti-war song. When the libtards and antifa useful idiots get sent off to war not being fortunate sons and all, let me know. I still can’t believe after all these years the left is now pro-war! It really boggles my mind. Only 15 years ago, Rachel Maddow was denouncing the war in Iraq in “Air America Radio”…

  4. Here is an old anti-war song for you:

    The Vision Complete by Primal Nemesis, words and music by Henry Shivley, 1991

                     A             D                     G
    1:           Take my eyes, would you see the things I see?
                                   A                                 D
                  Reach inside and touch the pain that tortures me.
                  And then fly away like a whisper on the breeze
                  When I see you there on the other side will you still remember

                    A                                         G
    Break:   Ooh, I’ve see the lies and deceit
                              A                                         G
                  I do believe, I’ve see the vision complete

                       A                D              G
    2:           I see the war bird, flying out to make his feast.
                                      A                                D
                  To take the child of the man who faces East
                  And then fly away to the dark side of the moon.
                  I hear the lonely crying of a lullaby for the soul that’s left too soon.

                    A                                       G
    Break:   Ooh, I’ve see the lies and deceit
                             A                                           G
                  I do believe, I’ve see the vision complete
                       A                        D                        G
    3:           High on a mountain standing shoulder to the sea.
                       A                                         D
                   I look to the heavens to a God that just can’t be.
                   And then fly away to the pleasure from the pain.
                   Never look for love from the skies above, never give your soul for
                                D                    G
                   Oh, fly away like an angel on the wing
                               A                      D
                   Like a child, making magic in a dream

                    A                                       G
    Break:   Ooh, I’ve see the lies and deceit
                             A                                            G
                   I do believe, I’ve see the vision complete
                   So when in the sky of blue never forget the Jew for the war-bird
    bears his name.
                   Oh fly away.

  5. Jeez Henry, when did you write this? Powerful lyric. I checked on YouTube to see if it might be there. No luck. It would be incredible to hear audio on it. I’m still breakin’ down some of the lyrics. Good lines like these have many layers and reveal themselves in different ways over time. Thanks so much.


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