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Lindsey Graham is FEMALE, SCOTUS Ginsburg Says!

Published on Apr 12, 2017 by Barry Soetoro

Watch Ruth Ginsburg call Lindsey Graham a “Woman!”

SCOTUS Judge Ginsburg is elderly, but not senile – why does she praise Senator Graham as FEMALE?

Via this “gaffe,” is the Deep State sending a message to their war-monger puppet – threatening to expose Lindsey Graham as biologically female? If Senator Graham (and his partner John McCain) stop pushing WW3, perhaps the Deep State will ruin him.

Lindsey Graham is widely regarded as “gay” and likely blackmailed with his own homosexuality. But in modern times, perhaps “gay blackmail” is obsolete.

Perhaps a more shocking truth holds sway over Lindsey – the fact that Senator Graham was born a woman before joining the Transgender Community.

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