15 thoughts on “Liquor Store Clerks Shoot Armed Robbery Suspect, Fight Over Gun

  1. Those girls were scared, and one came real close to shooting the other.

    Forget the “one shot” nonsense….. if you have a clear shot (which she had), empty the magazine into the son-of-a-bitch (which she didn’t do, and was thus engaged in a wrestling match).

    If I worked in a liquor store, I’d have the gun in my hand as soon as someone walked in the door wearing a hoodie.

    1. There’s a gas station close to where I work
      The clerk always has his right hand in his pocket
      Deals the cash and change completely with his left hand , never taking his right hand out of his pocket
      I know what’s in his pocket , and so do the criminals that are paying attention
      Store hasn’t been robbed yet

  2. Unprepared. Very lucky ladies. I second the notion to empty your clip on the bastard. Make sure he doesn’t get up. Aim for the head if at all possible.

    1. Magazine

      Clips have no springs , and very few weapons today utilize “clips”

      Yes terminology matters , why?
      Because an AR15 isn’t an assault weapon yet too many think it is because so many get it wrong

  3. Yeah, too much Hollywood in their brain, thinking a single shot would take care of a thug pumped up on pure adrenaline….agree with all comments above too.

    And at least they got the maggot….why the fk is he not robbing zio banks instead of mom and pop stores….

    Happy ending though

  4. Boy, that was one EXCEPTIONALLY stupid robber!!!

    He could have let it go after the initial encounter, and would’ve likely survived.

    Instead, he wasn’t about to let two WHITE women clown his stupid @ss, so he decided to go back in, only to get PERMANENTLY PUT DOWN (like the rabid POS DOG that he was). Good call, dumb@ss!!! 🙂

    That’s the ONLY way to fix stupid… eliminate it completely!

  5. This is why they needed to carry their guns on their person, with an extra mag or two.
    The location of the liquor store did not look like the best area, plus small liquor stores like that are frequent targets of armed robberies. Mother and daughter should have shot the perp as many times as necessary as he tried to re-enter through the shattered glass door into the main store area.(they apparently locked the perp in the entry area of the store between 2 doors). Given that they let him re-enter, mother should never have let the perp get close enough (and let herself be distracted by getting into a conversation with perp) to take away her gun..she is very lucky her revolver was empty at that point. This is why until the perp is down and stays down, he is ALWAYS A THREAT. Never let the perp approach you.

    The daughter was smart in always maintaining distance from the perp and keeping the counter as a barrier. However, the daughter should have dropped the phone and focused 100% attention on the perp as her mother was struggling for her life with him. Better to hold your pistol with both hands at all times. One handed could have also lead to daughter’s semi-auto jamming.

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