List of FEMA Camps, Underground Bases, HAARP Locations and Maps

Hey all,

Below are PDF compilations of all the FEMA Camp facilities that I could find. Some of you may already have them, but I usually update and post them every 6 months for those who may not have them or are new to the site.

Also, the camps that were listed from an earlier article posted on FTT a few days ago ( have also been updated to that list.   

In addition to that, I have attached the locations of all the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) facilities that I could find, a list of HAARP locations, a list of US military bases, maps of bases and other miscellaneous maps that you might be interested in.

Some of the FEMA camps and HAARP locations also have GPS coordinates for your convenience as well. Have a blast!

I cannot stress enough the importance of getting this information out because we are nearing that time where this intel will be considered dangerous to have and will be crucial in order to save our country.

Save it, make copies, send it to your friends, do whatever you can to get this information out to the public eyes. Most of it can be found on the Internet, but I have decided to save you all the time in searching by compiling and listing the information right here in an easy to read format.

Detention Facilities, FEMA camps and Underground Bases


Immigration Detention Facilities

Combined Info on Underground facilities

GPS coordinates for 20 of the Top HAARP facilities

List of US Military Bases in the US

Map bases

Miscellaneous maps


So please, DON’T let it all go to waste. Get the word out!


10 thoughts on “List of FEMA Camps, Underground Bases, HAARP Locations and Maps

  1. Great post NC, I sent this one and the other one about the police security towers to a freind . Yea my freind didn`t know what to think of this so I sent these two to him so he could know what to think. Thanks NC 😉

  2. Definitely good to know.

    In addition to freeing any captives held there, don’t forget to raid these places for food and ammo.

  3. I have friends in Croatia wondering about a camp Karlovac. do you know anything about this? I am supporting healing for the country through my work, but could use more information. Thanks.

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