Little Casears unveils pizza portal – the interaction-free way to get a pizza

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 – As if a Hot-N-Ready wasn’t hot or ready enough for you, Little Caesars announced on Monday that it is making it even faster to get pizza with the Pizza Portal.

The Detroit-based company says it’s streamlining the pizza pickup process by making rolling out the mobile pick-up station acorss the country starting in 2018.  

photoThe Pizza Portal holds the RESERVE-N-READY pies with a heated, self-service kiosk so that you no longer have to interact with an employee to pick up your pizza. The company says it’s a customer-focused service and it’s a ‘breakthrough’ in getting customers their food, faster.

Here’s how it works. Download the Little Caesars app and place your order – you’ll pay through the app. The app tells you your pizza is done with a notification. You’ll get a 3-digit pin or you can scan a QR code, the secured door for your pizza will unlock and you can pick up your pizza, and split.

“The genuine purpose behind integrating advanced technology into our stores is all about improving the customer experience, and building on our convenience and quality,” said David Scrivano, President and CEO of Little Caesars. “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to mesh mobile with our HOT-N-READY model to improve on the World’s Easiest Way to Pizza.  We changed the pizza game when we introduced HOT-N-READY. We think RESERVE-N-READY featuring our breakthrough Pizza Portal has the potential to do it again.”

This doesn’t change the way you order – you can get any pizza with your choice of toppings and the pizza is still prepared as usual.

The Pizza Portal was designed exclusively for Little Caesars.

The company did not say if the Pizza Portals will be available at Little Caesars Arena this winter.

4 thoughts on “Little Casears unveils pizza portal – the interaction-free way to get a pizza

  1. Their pizza is gross. Might as well eat Top Ramen… for all the nutrition you’d get from them.

  2. First we had Domino’s asinine marketing gimmicks. Ovens built into delivery cars! Pizza delivery by drones! Track your pizza with your phone! Wheeeee!

    Now we have this latest stroke of genius from Little Caesar’s. It’s about as clever as their idea to have those poor kids twirl around “HOT N READY” signs outside their stores in the 100-degree heat. What retards do they hire to come up with this crap?

    So, what’s next? Wait, I know! 3D-printed biometric pizza! Upload a face photo using their app, and a 3D printer will make a pizza that looks just like you (acne and all). And you can even watch it being made on your connected mobile device!

    Actually, here’s a truly novel idea: How about dispensing with all the gayness and just attracting more customers by serving better food?

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