Little Innocent Children Murdered in Connecticut, Kabul, Bagdad, Tripoli, Damascus, and the Gaza Strip by the Same Psychos

Twenty children were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a tragedy as the enemies of our Constitution push for gun confiscation.  The depth of the Sandy Hook murders is spotlighted with pictures of little faces, alternating with the pictures of assault rifles and handguns and the propaganda is being pushed to the point that it should be questioned as to the motive.

It is true that the American public has been conditioned to quickly digest the most heinous acts as they are sucked through the news cycle.  Only last month, November 14th through November 21st, Israeli war planes and field artillery caused the murder of 28 little Palestinian children, but the incident was pushed into the annals of history and forgotten within a week.

I wonder how the American people’s opinion of the murderous Zionists in Israel might have been altered had the mainstream gotten pictures of the dead Palestinian children and ran them ad nauseum, alternating with pictures of hail fire missiles and field artillery.  But of course this would never happen as the Zionists exercise complete control over US mainstream media.  We haven’t even had a look at the little children who survived the Gaza bombing but were left without arms and legs.

If we Americans are going to judge one another and the other peoples of the world, via videos and pictures, shouldn’t we demand to see them all?  Because if we are only seeing what the Zionists choose to show us, are they not effectually controlling our emotions and opinions?  How could the deaths of little children in Connecticut affect a person while the deaths of little children in Palestine do not even register?  Were they not all God’s children?  Is it any less evil to brutally murder a child in Palestine than it is to do the same in Connecticut?  In consideration of the blatant false flag Sandy Hook has turned out to be, would it not seem reasonable to consider that maybe the same Zionists are responsible for both events?

Who would kill little children?  We have heard the question asked and re-asked and the answer is simple in that the Zionists have never had a problem with slaughtering little children, so long as they are non-Jews.  Their Talmud teaches that the children of the Gentiles, our children, are not but soulless animals whose lives, such as they are, are for nothing more than to serve Zion.

Would disarming the American people, the majority of which have identified Zion for what it is and are determined that there will be no more wars for Zion, be an advantage?  Make no mistake.  If the Zionists could disarm the American people we would see our children slaughtered by the score as sacrifice to the Zionist god and we would learn firsthand what it is like to be a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip.

We cannot surrender one weapon.  We outnumber the Zionists thousands to one and with the reality of the internet it is the Zionists that face annihilation this time around.  It has come to the point that all they have left is their deceit, which they have overused to the point that their intent is made clear.

God help us to find the courage to destroy Zion.

4 thoughts on “Little Innocent Children Murdered in Connecticut, Kabul, Bagdad, Tripoli, Damascus, and the Gaza Strip by the Same Psychos

  1. Great article will the Americans open their eyes. As long as Fox and CNN remains zionised Americans simply can not see the true light. 2013 will bring greater disaster than 2012, many more sandys, many more jungle fires, many more killings and deaths.

  2. Americans must never surrender their weapons, no matter how many Jewish assassination squads posing as single deranged individuals massacre children, in order to form a climate of opinion that justifies the confiscation of all weapons held by civilians.

    The Noahide Laws, made law in 1991 by then President George Bush through Congress, state that when a national state of emergency exists, the constitution may be suspended, and any or all Gentiles then decapitated by guillotines already installed on military bases throughout the US.

    Jewish politicians controlling Jewish senior military officers will do the ordering.

    The Talmud and Torah state that when their Messiah comes, all Gentiles will be exterminated from the face of the earth, and their souls taken to dwell in hell under the Angel Duma.

    The Jew Karl Marx stated several times that the only purpose of all other races and peoples, both great and small, was to be annihilated in a revolutionary holocaust, to leave only the Jews the survivors and masters of the entire planet. Rabbi Stephen S Wise stated “Some call it Marxism…, I call it Judaism.”

    For more on this issue, see ‘Mothman777’s Blog’

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