5 thoughts on “Live Feed: Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts

  1. A victory for Kyle! A victory for gun owners of America! Justice the way it should be, so are those thugs who tried to murder him going to trial for attempted murder?

    1. A hollow victory at best, as he was not provided the preliminary process of the common law grand jury, free from state control that would have had no choice but to quash the indictment and charge those making the allegations, as it is and was a kangaroo corporate masonic grand jury that indicted, because the unlawful district attorney just got his indictment rubber stamped, when, under the common law, he had zero authority to even be a part of the process.
      Kyle walked after his political trial, but that was after a year of living in hell because the great protection in the 5th Article was denied to him.

  2. Hear! Hear! This was a TV Show! A spectacle specifically broadcast for all to see as a platform for much of the weaponry they constantly use against us in this psy-war. What about all the political prisoners who are still behind bars just for THINKING & SAYING the “wrong” thing or simply for saying “NO! I will not do what you say!”? The only TV airtime they’ll ever get is just to further demonize to justify unlawful incarceration.

    ALL TV is propaganda & psychological manipulation/social engineering. They tell you this case was all “about” weapons when in fact the whole broadcast production IS THE VERY WEAPON ITSELF that they are using against us!

    (Sorry, this was meant to be a reply to Henry’s comment above rather than a standalone one!)

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