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Livin’ on a prayer: Elton John, Bon Jovi to headline 24-hour climate change concert

Yahoo News

Elton John and Bon Jovi will headline a 24-hour performance this month aimed at urging environmental action ahead of key climate change talks in Paris, organizers have revealed. The event, spearheaded by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and known as “24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth,” will feature artists, scientists and politicians, and will air online November 13 and 14. “Each hour, the broadcast will be punctuated by thought-provoking, knockout appearances from an all-star lineup,” organizers said.  

The broadcast is aimed at urging world leaders to push for the strongest possible climate agreement at the upcoming U.N. conference in Paris, and at urging people to take action in their own communities and homes.

Live Earth organizers

In May, Live Earth — a set of global concerts backed by Gore — announced a delay to shows planned for each inhabited continent. Live Earth was initially intended to consist of concerts on June 18 in Australia, Brazil, China, South Africa and the United States, as well as Paris. The November 13-14 broadcast is a partnership between the Climate Reality Project and Live Earth, designed to “include an unprecedented artistic lineup and distribution platform to maximize its global reach”, organizers said.


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12 Responses to Livin’ on a prayer: Elton John, Bon Jovi to headline 24-hour climate change concert

  1. Paul says:

    maybe throw in a few spray cans too. Roast some hot dogs made of pork on it. maybe cook up some bacon on it. yum, yum.

  2. mary says:

    All those a$$holes gathered in one spot………wow what an opportunity

    • Paul says:

      Interesting thought Mary. I have some good ideas on that.

    • Millard says:

      Don’t you hate when these self-righteous assholes get together to save something but, yet, you know, deep down, not one of them really gives a shit about anything but themselves.

      Just like the “Concert for Bangladesh”, or “Live Aid”, or “Farm Aid”.
      It helps them wash away any remnants of how they are contributing to the destruction of our country through their greed.
      “Yes folks, after expenses, administrative fees, and ‘under the table deals for insiders’, out of the millions we raised, I am proud to present this check for $73,000 dollars to the Heritage Foundation.” See how it works?

  3. koyote says:

    i love climate change……….. the same weather all the time would suck

  4. Enemy of the State says:

    both anti 2nd amendment pukes

    and without checking im sure they are from a different country than the USof A .. so F your opinion on our rights

    wouldn’t spend a dime to see them, even if it were free

    • Martist says:

      “sir” elton john is a peter pumping crown licker and bon jovi is from nazi jersey. Technically, you are correct, Enemy of the State!

      *respectful apologies to residents of either location

  5. richard says:

    I hope they have a snow storm during the June US concert then have a heat wave the next day and have to cancel, oh wait, it’s not Global warming anymore, it’s climate change. That kinda proves there point “Climate change is happening real fast”

    Dimwits, since when are musicians the brain trust for science.

  6. Millard says:

    You would have to restrain me in shackles and carry me in if you insisted on me vomiting all over the place listening to Bon Jovi sing while Sir Elton assists him hitting the high notes.

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