LMI works in virtually every area of government.


Defense With our roots in the U.S. Department of Defense and our expertise and experience in business management, LMI brings smart solutions—from the back offices to the battlefield.

Intelligence  LMI works to simplify policies, strategies, and processes to increase operational effectiveness and allow intelligence organizations to better focus on the complexity of their missions.  

Homeland Security The changing nature of terrorist threats requires homeland security to be both agile and effective. LMI supports these goals, with a suite of services geared toward improving organizational responsiveness.

Energy & Environment From policy to implementation, LMI helps government organizations institute sound practices that protect and preserve the environment, without hindering the progress of government.

Healthcare LMI understands improving healthcare is about more than policy; it comes through a range of actions the public service takes in partnership with patients, providers and payers alike.

Civil Government LMI’s mission is to help civil government organizations make the improvements in policy and practice that allow them to fulfill their own missions of citizen service, better.


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