9 thoughts on “Lois Lerner tries busting into neighbor’s home to avoid questions

  1. And this is how you handle these blood sucking parasites! They should be afraid to leave their homes just to walk their dogs. Notice those dogs had no vested interest in protecting her. LOL If that had been my dogs, that reporter would have been lunch. Good for that reporter! Let’s see more of this!

    1. Yes, shunned by her own neighbors! She should be in a Federal Prison although it looks like she’s in her own personal prison. She should be afraid to be seen in public.

    2. I like how the guy came out another door and confronted the issue on his front lawn

      yeah I wouldnt let that in my house either

      1. notice when she realized she wasnt going to be let in and that the man of the home didnt want her there , she had to leave and hope for another house to be stupid enough to let her in

        this public shaming of these pukes needs to be ramped up big time, and all of them need to be hit right where it hurts ..their lies, and how they have hurt this country with their greed and inflated self worth needs to be shoved back in their face

        they are not working for us, and they need to know we are not happy with any of them , and it needs to be IN THEIR FACE!

  2. Classic! She tried to hold us all hostage and accountable. And, she feels threatened? Send her to prison.

  3. We with hard won technical degrees and a lot of experience can’t get a regular job in this Kosher Mafia LOOTED economy for even half the money this Kosher MAFIA BITCH gets without lifting so much as a finger for the rest of her life?

    When is it going to be time to hack these parasites out of our country forever? Enough is enough!!!!!

    I tell you folks to mark my words. We have NOT seen the last of this Kosher Mafia Bitch. She WILL be back. Can you imagine here as a CHEKA Commander sending millions to their deaths? Hope folks let that burn in really well. You let this piece of filth walk away and remain at large that is exactly what will happen. She’s dangerous psychopath. Happened in Eastern Europe, and she will do in the future far more than IRS oppression.

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