9 thoughts on “London Beheading Sets Off EDL to Riot In Woolwich Over Night

  1. Obviously, things must be a little slow in Hollywood these days, so they’ve taken to the streets to set up some movie scenes for the sheeple-Sandy Hook, Boston marathon, and now in London. I’ve butchered a fair number of chickens in my day, and when the head is released from the chicken’s body, there is blood spurting everywhere. Haven’t seen any on anyone or on the street there from a beheading?? of a man? At least none until the fake blood is applied. They’ve got to get some better folks to do their fake props so they might be more believable! LOL! And by the way, do you check for the pulse of someone who’s been beheaded?? Seems like a waste of time to me!!

    1. By the way, to see some good pictures and videos of the “alleged” beheading, go to nodisinfo.com. There you will see pictures of the street and perps with NO blood, that is until the fake blood is put on. And there was NO machete, only a kitchen cleaver and a kitchen knife in the guy’s hand. Another bunch of bovine excrement.

    2. Yes, to start a war between civilians. Not that the islamics are innocent little angels, either, but tptb are

      -out to distract from important events
      – hoping for us to start killing each other.

      Prepare for more shocking events. They’re desperate.

  2. Here we go…I think we all knew how this was going
    Labour peers have urged British Deputy Prime Minister and Lib-Dems leader Nick Clegg to stop opposing the Communications Data Bill, dubbed the snooper’s charter by the opponents, in the wake of the Woolwich attack.

    Former Labour home secretary Lord Reid and former security minister Lord West urged Clegg to drop his opposition to the legislation after a soldier was beheaded by the knife-wielding attackers in Woolwich, southeast London.

    In the Queen’s speech earlier this month, she said: “In relation to the problem of matching internet protocol addresses my government will bring forward proposals to enable the protection of the public and the investigation of crime in cyberspace.”

    The Woolwich murder may be the leverage needed to pass the Communications Data Bill

  3. Another staged event is exposed in less than 24hrs. Need to get Speilberg to do the directing.

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