Long Term Unemployment Extension: Not if the International Elite have Anything to Say About It

Once again, the socialist insurgency is showing its complete contempt for the intellect of we American nationals.  74,000 jobs created for the month of December with 350,000 needed just to keep pace with those coming fresh into the work force, not to mention the foreign nationals pouring over our borders, coming after not only our jobs, but everything else we have.  And lo and behold, the unemployment rate dropped again.  Like JD has so rightfully put it on occasion, simply declare that all but ten Americans have left the work force and with those ten working, you have full employment.

Will this latest unemployment extension become a reality?  Considering the ongoing international corporate mafia campaign to destroy our Republic, I believe that if the extension does get passed, it will be short term and it will be the last, ever.  Over 100 million American nationals are now unemployed and unrepresented as their voices are silenced through their being made civilly dead.  

For you people out there waiting for this extension, consider this.  So called Constitutionalist Rand Paul, while fully supporting $85 billion per month being given, that is given, to the banksters, he has come out in opposition of the unemployment extension, that is of course unless it can be financed.  And he, being a national socialist, when he says financed, he in no way means financed by the multi-billion dollar contractors that put him in office.  What he wants to say is financed by taking the funds from Social Security, welfare, or food stamps.  You know, those not of the top 5%.

Sooner or later the American people are going to wake up to the reality that every politician holding a government office is an employee of the corporations that paid the vote fraud racketeers to put him or her into office.

They are Mafiosi.  They created this monstrous parasite that is sucking the wealth from this country and their goal at every juncture is to take from the American nationals: the poor, and what’s left of the middle class, and give it over to the international corporations that have established bases in our country.  They use this racket to tap into our natural resources.

It works like this.  They put a base of operations here in the US, then, working in coalition with their bases of operations around the world, they take their profits off-shore, which means they pay no US taxes on them.  Then they take their expenditures and put them on their books here in the United States, so not only do they pay no taxes here, but the American taxpayer hands them billion dollar tax returns to pay for their expenditures overseas.  They then take those refunds in the form of unmanufactured raw resources, which they ship overseas to be manufactured, using the slave labor in their corporations based in the slave countries.  And year after year, the racket builds momentum.

Like I said previously, if there is an unemployment extension, it will be short term and as millions more lose their unemployment, their homes, and retirement accounts, they will be counted as no longer looking for work.  Then as they find menial ways to support themselves, they will be re-categorized as fully employed, even if they are making less than minimum wage, buying and selling on the internet or mowing lawns for a living.

So to all of you out there waiting on the unemployment extension, I say to you, welcome to The Trenches.  Arm, equip, and train as militia as there is only one way we are going to get this country back and it does not include another fraudulent election.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

17 thoughts on “Long Term Unemployment Extension: Not if the International Elite have Anything to Say About It

  1. I think they’re going to keep extending unemployment benefits until they’re ready to unleash the chaos in all its forms.

    Just print up a little more and keep ’em happy for now.

    1. Agree with you,on a side note,nothing wrong with buying/selling on the net or cutting lawns,tis honest work.Yep,may be a shock to highly paid paper pushers but for many they earn a good living at it.I will say also there is a large increase in the underground cash/barter economy,something I expect to see continue to grow.This is good as it will be part of the new economy on the other side assuming we reach other side.

      1. No, there isn’t anything wrong with it. It is honest work. The point was people making a quarter of minimum wage are being categorized as fully employed because they are working for themselves.
        And by the way, doing yard work doesn’t pay diddly shit anymore as the foreign nationals have taken over that and about every other service industry job one might take on as a privateer.

        1. Our neighbor hood has a lot of grass companies running around in it. There is only one that is operated by an American. ALL of the rest are illegal invaders.
          (I mow my own grass) 🙂

        2. Henry,@ moment still hope in northlands of new england.Though a carpenter by trade will also do smaller landscape gigs and maintenance for customers already have doing carpentry or word of mouth,pretty damn good money.As times get tougher more will try a hand at it,wages will then get to a point not worth it.As for foreign nationals,eh,a few but not the influx saw in southern new england,@ least not yet!

          1. James,
            We have been completely over run here. You cant drive a block without seeing a vanload of illegals. All roofing companies, home builders, grass companies are staffed by illegals. Hell, even the road crews are illegals.

          2. Just refuse to hire anyone who does not employ citizens for things one can’t do alone,realizing will cost a bit more.This is perhaps too late but one needs to make a stand,what part of country you in dog?As I said southern new england was literally invaded from Brazil it seems,will say for long time homes that were in disrepair ect. started getting a better look/maintenance,that has died along with many businesses,will be a interesting road ahead.I actually have a few good gigs lined up,after that nada,just take it day by day.Today being mild for these parts working on tools/snow blowers ect.,that and coffee breaks whenever I want!

          3. James,
            I am in South Louisiana. We don’t hire folks to do much, but I wont hire a company that hires illegals. The builders down here are more worried about making tons of money than employing Americans. They don’t realize that they are destroying our country while enriching themselves.

        3. To all you guys that say we should start our own lawn and landscaping business, construction business, moving companies and the like, they should come to Texas as the illegals have taken control of ALL of those industries and services. Just do a drive by and count the number of Mexicans. ZERO Americans. And if you think you can compete with them, they charge $5 -10 less than what you can barely charge and they get all your food stamps and benefits.

          A friend of mine tried starting his own lawn-mowing business in Austin, TX. He got people saying that the Mexicans can do it for $5-10 cheaper than what he can do it for and he was giving them the cheapest price he could possibly give, otherwise he would be making nothing whatsoever from it.

          These illegal bastards are killing us like Walmart and of course, the bastards all shop there, too. Gee…Go figure. It’s almost as if they are working together to take us over. A total economic and social invasion.

          Bulldog is right on the money. There’s no way anyone can afford to open or run a business with the illegals here and that is the reason why Obama and the elite want to grant them amnesty as they want to keep it that way.

          People better start waking up as everything is being swept out from under us right before our eyes.

          1. It is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better. We figure that if the economy keeps going down the toilet, we will end up living in our camper one day. We are trying to get all of our debt paid off before it tanks, but if we cant and it goes further down the tubes, we will let the banksters have the house and go on the road. Hell when the invaders are legalized, someone will have to pick the lettuce. I aint too proud. You gotta eat.

  2. Well it seems time to make our way, by this I mean find ways to earn money with skills, talents and whatever we have available.

  3. and how to get around the barriers of licensing and regulation? I have many skills and talents but licensing is prohibitively expensive here or there are so many hoops to jump through (including continuing education requirements). For now, I have a “real job” but that is in part because of the licensing/regulation barriers which are strongly discouraging me from capitalizing on those skills/talents….

    Is it this way all through this country, or particularly bad where I live?

    1. E,have a builders license and have had for 16 years,probably going to let it lapse.The reason being is I do small jobs,in theory need to pull a permit ti replace a front door or window even if same rough opening/permits to replace siding/roofing,just do not bother with em any more,do jobs out of view of street and building inspectors or on weekends.Some gigs insist permit pulled when involves wiring ect. as done wrong could kill someone.Pull a permit to replace toilet or sink,nope,not going to do that.You see this more and more in the trades when done wrong just means you don’t get paid,not when done wrong you could kill someone.They want me to do continuing education but as they do not know what individuals specialize in is nonsense,some large commercial/some small residential repair and all in between,my license covers that range.I always learn new things daily when working from others or self taught,have no problem with learning something new,just not force fed knowledge I do not need and paying for it.

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    As my friend and mentor Henry talks about in his above article, their not just coming after our jobs,… but everything else now. In other words,.. they are making their move.

    Leys us say a prayer for our dying country,….

    It is simple,.. no country can endure when its monetary, legislative, judicial, executive and media has been wholly corrupted and takenover from within,.. as ours has.

    We are simply living that last few gasps of the prosperity that was once the Amercian dream,… and is now the communist nightmare.

    The ONLY reason this country has not collapsed yet, is because they,.. the elite, the PIC’s (Pyschos-In-Charge), the Bansters and their CEO,.. the Rothchilds have ALLOWED the financial system to continue to operate for the moment.

    The truth is,.. the only thing backing the US Dollar,.. is absolute brutallity,.. and the threat of brutallity (this is the real, “full faith and credit of the US gov’t”……)

    The only way our economy, financial and monetary system is maintaining some appearance of viablity,.. is by maintaining the sheer fraud and corruption that it is based on.

    When they,.. the Enemy Force In Occupation, and its owners, the International Bankster, Israel, and the Rothchilds decide to crash this country,… all they have to do,.. is simply stop supporting the fraud that is keeping our financial/economic/monetary system operating.

    In other words,.. when they decide to pull the plug on us,.. all they have to do is start to act just a little honestly (pull back on the fraud just a little), start posting REAL measures of how this economy is doing,… and we would have a financial crash in 24 hours,… economic crash in less than week.

    That is our current state of affairs my friends.

    There is only ONE mathematical outcome to our present state and situation,… we are going to have a stupendious crash,.. there will be privations, there will be shortages, anger, resentment, civil unrest,… and then the large scale unrest leads to rioting.

    This is by design,.. and is the most dangerous point for us,.. and to those that have caused it, as they will use this excuse of unrest to consolidate absolute control,… and we will use it to help wake the remaining comatose,… and to fight to take back what has been stolen from us.

    Its all coming to head in the very near future,…. I would say no more than weeks or months before the first signs of this evolution begin to manifest.

    Be prepared, get your mind right,…. and get ready for the shit fight of your life.

    JD – US Marines – Its Official: The US has already been overthrown by the “Enemy Force In Occupation” called the US Fed Gov’t.

  5. I keep screaming about this to those dumb “dittoheads” and their rightwing media heroes who ALSO work for these corporations: unemployment, food stamps, welfare, & things like that, at least AMERICANS are getting these things. And food stamps is 1% of the federal budget, Pentagon is 57%. And the rightwing media corporate whores have all their listeners repeating people on food stamps buy lobster and we need to get rid of food stamps. Just look at what they brainwash their listeners with: anti-food stamps, anti-union (last I checked, throughout history the 1% used the U.S. military to crack down on union strikes), anti-unemployment, and anti-any public aid.

    Read this:

    The Fascist Origin and Essence of Privatization

    Posted on January 4, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog

    Preface by Washington’s Blog: We documented in 2009 that fascism and our current crony capitalist economy are indistinguishable.

    We noted in 2011 that America’s public resources are being raped and pillaged … just like those of small debt-saddled countries like Greece.

    The following short – but important – piece by Eric Zuesse shows that looting and privatization of public resources was a hallmark of fascist Germany and Italy … and America today.

    Here’s the key: If these resources had always been in the private sector, that would be fine … that would be free market capitalism.

    But if they were purchased on the people’s dime with our blood, tears, sweat and taxpayer funds – and then sold to the big boys for pennies on the dollar – that’s not capitalism … that’s looting. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Nazis, Italian fascists, and modern American “leaders” are doing.

    -By Eric Zuesse:

    The Myth About Privatization: Privatization was introduced by two democracies, the USA and UK, in the 1980s, not by prior fascist regimes.


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