5 thoughts on “Look for the WELL Health-Safety seal

  1. Anyone that “feels better” because the corporate establishment they’re about to enter has this international B.S. agenda symbol being thrown in their face deserves the ditch they have waiting for them.

    1. this is just another pseudo-certification scheme. As an owner of a surgical center these “voluntary certification” organizations stand in line to get you to pay them money. They had previously conned some insurance companies into requiring this certification for participation in their insurance programs. However the insurance company saw the light in the ditched these. It’s just another scam to make weak minded individuals think they’re safe when they’re not. Just like TSA screening at the airport.

  2. If you look at the fine print in the commercial, it says that Well Health Safety certification is given based on an ANNUAL review of a business’s WRITTEN policies. Which means that ONCE a year some drone reads some bullet pointed corporate gobbeldygook on a piece of paper and then rubber stamps it. Its a total SCAM. The companies literally just pay for the certification seal on the window. Its LITERALLY a protection racket!

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