2 thoughts on “Lory Storm Reporting on the Ground from Oregon

  1. According to Judge Gary Darby, these supposed FBI agents are actually Blackstone mercenaries contracted by the French IMF. That would explain the impressions that Lory Storm was getting from her interaction with them. They have been terrorizing the local cattlemen.

  2. I converted the YouTube to mp3 so I could go about my business while listening. It is well worth the listen. Reporters are gone and dozens of FBI on watch near the refuge with heavy equipment. In reality the few people holding some picnic table hostage are under siege by the FBI. The area is loaded with federal forces. Is the Federal Corporate Government so afraid of a few protesters that they must be watched by a small well equipped army?

    I still like to see a few lines of text for a video to help decide if I want to take the time to watch.

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