Los Angeles schools closed over terror threat


The Los Angeles Unified School District closed all schools after a bomb threat was called in to a school board member, the LA Police Department has confirmed. The LAUSD is the nation’s second largest, with 640,000 students in over 1,000 schools.

The threat was made to “students at school,” LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines said at a press conference Tuesday morning.

‘It was a message,” he said refusing to elaborate while the investigation is underway.  

The district is asking parents not to send children to any of the more than 900 public and 187 charter schools in the city. Parents who have already dropped their kids off should pick them up at the reunion gates.

The “credible threat” was “not one school, two schools, three schools. It was a threat to many schools,” Cortines said.

This is a rare threat. We get threats all the time,” he added. “I want every school, every early education center, every adult school searched.”

The threat mentioned backpacks and other packages, Cortines said.

The FBI is assisting the LAPD and the school police force in the investigation, KCBS reported.

The decision to close all schools was made to be sure that every child and employee is “absolutely safe,” Board of Education President Steve Zimmer said.

Parents were notified early Tuesday about the closure.

“I literally woke up to the call,” parent Jim Alger told KNBC. “There’s this element of fear. Things like this are kind of reminiscent of the post-9/11 days. But I guess it’s better safe than sorry.”


4 thoughts on “Los Angeles schools closed over terror threat

  1. “But I guess it’s better safe than sorry.”

    Boy, they sure are beatin’ that dead horse. Drill that into people’s heads just a little more so they give up even more just to be “safe”.

    It’s working and yeah, culling the herd of the terminally stupid is not entirely unwelcomed as they can also very easily be swayed into being an enemy and a threat to you instead of just taking up space and being useless.

    1. “Drill that into people’s heads just a little more so they give up even more just to be “safe”.”

      Drill is the right word, Martist.

      Gauging reactions & complicity levels.

  2. (LOS ANGELES TIMES) Officials have closed all Los Angeles Unified School District campuses Tuesday morning after receiving a “credible threat” of violence involving backpacks and packages left at campuses.

  3. Since when are bomb threats ever televised news?!? Ohhhh, that’s right, the Commies are making their final push for martial law and gun confiscation.

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