Loudon County schools in open defiance of Governor…

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Update — Parents are pissed

On his first day in office, Glenn Youngkin struck down masks mandates in all school districts in the commonwealth. Some school districts just said they’d ignore the order, while it appears those in Loudon County have come up with their own solution to unmasked students; they’re plucking them out of their regular classrooms and putting them in the auditorium where they have access to remote learning or do “independent study.”

Loudoun County school rules say students must still wear masks, but that didn’t stop dozens of students from walking to class bare-faced. The students walked in to cheers and support from about a dozen parents outside Woodgrove High School. “We followed Northam and his executive orders,” said another parent whose son didn’t wear a mask into the school building.

“Nobody retaliated; nobody rose up. We followed it because we are law-abiding citizens and we’re doing the same thing now. We’re following the new governor’s orders. You cannot pick and choose because of the letter behind the governor’s name. And I feel like that’s what Scott Ziegler and the school board are doing.”

In a message to students and their families, Woodgrove High School Principal William Shipp said any student who did not wear a mask would be taken out of class and put in the school’s auditorium for virtual learning.

“You will not be able to go out into the rest of the building if you do not have a mask on,” Shipp said.


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