Louisiana Theater Shooting: John Russell Houser was a Teapartier and Golden Dawn Fan?

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: he had a Twitter account, also set up around the same time the other trail of web comments were being left. The account has a total of 2 Tweets.

UPDATE: Yep. It’s this guy.  

John Russel Houser, 59, of Phenix City, Ala., had parked his vehicle, a 1995 Lincoln Continental, near an exit from the theater and was apparently attempted to flee when police arrived at the scene, perhaps within a minute of the shooting. Their quick response forced the gunman back inside the theater, where he took his own life, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said. The Adviser


Oh crap. Here we go.

They just announced the name of the patsy shooter in Louisiana as John Russell Houser of Alabama. They claim he was living in some nearby cheap motel room with various wigs and disguises they found in the place.

Turns out there is a John Russell Houser of Phenix, Al. who is 59 years old.

John Houser

I found this on a LinkedIn page for John Russell Houser of Phenix, Al. On that page it claims he used to own Rusty’s Buckhead Pub. It also said he used to be a regular guest on a political talkshow RISE AND SHINE WLTZ NBC 38 during which time he would “invite political controversy” regularly. According to this page, he has an accounting degree and an advanced law degree.

The name of the pub is important because I found another webpage for a Rusty Houser on Political Forum, which, turns out, is the same guy. He was only active on that page for about 3 months but during that time, he posted a number of articles.

About Rusty Houser
no political affiliation
believe media/gov’t censoring
edu. JD/CPA
believe US will be MAD MAX < 5 years
Phenix City AL
Real Name:
John Russell Houser
cat taken in
no family safe in US environment
don’t vote,waste of time

So that is definitely the same guy and he’s the right age to be the shooter. His blog posts from 2013 deal with 1. Zionism and Palestine, 2. the coming collapse of America and him taking “death” over slavery I guess.

It is true that the US is about to fall. I will be in fear at that time as will everyone else,but not in a fear which resembles that of the leaders of foolishness and the brainwashed that follow.Truth carries with it an understanding of death. Rather than live without it,I will take death. My greatest fear is that I could die making a decision for the good of myself against everyone else.The death I fear is the death fools will experience

He is also registered as a member of Tea Party Nation. Again, that was about the same time back in 2013 he signed up with Political Forum.

John Russell Houser

  • Male
  • Phenix City, AL
  • United States

About that same time, he set up a Facebook page on which he said he hates liberals and “stands with Rand” and that was about it.

Over at GodlikeProductions I found one of the commenters also notes that he was a member of something called DebatePolitics.com where he apparently tries to come across as some kind of far far right fascist. He signed up for that in Jan. of 2014. Leaving a nice little trail of breadcrumbs, wasn’t he?

About Rusty Houser
JD/CPA 1988
Phenix City Al
Golden Dawn
Political Leaning:
Very Conservative


3 thoughts on “Louisiana Theater Shooting: John Russell Houser was a Teapartier and Golden Dawn Fan?

  1. It will take a couple of weeks for evidence of a false flag to surface. It already happened with the Chattanooga shooting hoax.

  2. There is no “patsy” shooter because there is no shooter.

    This is not a “false flag” where an attack takes place and is blamed on another entity. Nope. There was no attack in the first place. That means it was a HOAX. Calling it a “False Flag” only confuses the issue.

    This is CIA all the way. All these “killers” and their “Killed victims” are CIA agents.with new identities or have been placed in a CIA “witness protection” type program. For some of them, it may even be a “Fantasy Island” type of situation, where you can’t leave, but why would you want to? I’m sure they have all the little boys (or whatever else their sicko heart desires) they can handle

    The Tsarnaev bros are in Chechnya working for their CIA uncle Ruslan. That’s how this goes.

    1. Thank you Grim fandango. It is very important to choose terminology accurately as one implies something very different from the other and can cause some people to not understand everything that is put before them and the level of complicity that the current hijackers of our Republic and their accomplice, the zio-joo commie media have. It muddies the water and downplays the fact that they are not just taking place in a crime of opportunity, but intentionally taking steps to create illusions that shape what future they have in store for us if we do nothing.

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