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Luxury doomsday bunkers selling for $2.3 million, complete with pool


In the middle of nowhere in rural Kansas luxury doomsday bunkers are being sold to the elite.

A decommissioned nuclear silo reserved for the wealthy boasts 16,000 pound doors and is patrolled by armed security at all times.

To top it all off, live CCTV feeds of the surroundings are broadcasted into the subterranean condominium complex via TV screens which act as simulated windows to the real world one-hundred feet below the Earth’s surface.

Reserve yours today.


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8 Responses to Luxury doomsday bunkers selling for $2.3 million, complete with pool

  1. galen says:

    You can hide from chaos but can you hide from conscience? Hmmm….


  2. Mark Schumacher says:

    Ridiculous….. you would never feel safe if you had to go outside, you would be shot on the spot by people who would want you dead, for nothing more than you have this and they don’t. Millions of dollars for a guaranteed nightmare and burial ground.

    You wouldn’t even be able to trust paid security, they would turn on you in an underground second.

  3. Mark Schumacher says:

    Those generators need an unblocked air source to breath and to vent, how long do you think it would take to find those vent sources, and how would you prevent them from being blocked? As soon as they are, your living in a 2.3 million dollar coffin.

    You can forget about solar, never gong to happen…

  4. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Yep, LMAO

  5. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Two years of diesel? Do you know how many chemicals you have to add to the fuel after about 6 months or so? anti mold, fuel stabilizers just to name a few, If you get mildew, your screwed.

    Better off building an above ground air tight fortress, underground is a death trap. Maybe something simple underground for the initial blast, then a passage way to an above ground facility.

  6. H D says:

    Those shipping containers make real good under gound homes

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