Mae Brussell -2 governments – one visible, one invisible- (5-19-75)

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Originally broadcast May 19, 1975.

5/17/75 LA Times article on SLA. In Cook County, Ill. some members of the Watergate team will be indicted for terrorism against the peace momement, civil rights movement, churches – their headqaurters in the Zenith bldg., Bernard Barker the money man. 4/28/75 LA Times article “Ford & Ted Kennedy Face Dilemma.” Book “The Strange Death of Marylin Monroe.” E. Howard Hunt’s 12/18/73 testimony to Church Committee Sessions. FBI being swallowed up by CIA, CIA being swallowed up by Defense Dept. 2 governments – one visible, one invisible. Hughes Corp., Mullen & Co., Robert Bennett, Evelle Younger, INTERPROGRESS – CIA dummy front. Colston Westbrook in Southeast Asia & Japan learning behavior modification, later at Vacaville working with black prisoners.…

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2 thoughts on “Mae Brussell -2 governments – one visible, one invisible- (5-19-75)

  1. I vaguely remember trying to listen to one of Mae Brussell’s radio shows many years ago, but found the news of all the scandals and treason she uncovered so horrendous that I promptly returned to my sheeple coma. Listening to this particular show now, it’s transparent how criminals and enemy agents have seized government control throughout our entire lives, and that one of the secret shadow government’s intelligence and wet work agencies, the CIA, has controlled media and repeatedly staged coups, assassinations, and toppled sovereign governments.

    The daughter of a rabbi, Mae died of a virulent cancer at age 66 in 1988. From Project Camelot: “A year before she died, at dinner one night in her house, she pulled up the blind and pointed out the house across the cul-de-sac she lived on. ‘The CIA bought that house several months ago,’ she said, ‘and they have been observing me.’ The house across the street burned down the night she died.”

  2. I was only 25 years old and living on the Monterey Peninsula when Mae was living in Carmel while she did her radio broadcasts. I was so asleep back then I wouldn’t have been able to find her if I had a flashlight, much less understand her broadcasts. Sorry I missed out back then. I wasn’t awake and aware until the late ’90’s. Looking back at history, it all makes sense to me now as she reports.

    . . .

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