14 thoughts on “Mafia Boss Tells All – Jimmy Hoffa, JFK Assassination and Much More

  1. A must watch, damn good information from a guy who knows. Talks about government corruption like never heard before.

          1. I could do that, Mark, and I could point out everything I know to be bullsh#t. For one thing, I don’t much do videos that are longer than 10 – 15 mins. anymore… I like my information as condensed as possible. For another, I’m CERTAIN this @sswipe has nothing to say that I haven’t already heard before (whether true or not), so it’s not really in my best interests to watch the video, to be perfectly honest.

            Now, if you can find an interview with Jimmy Hoffa (still breathing – in hiding somewhere), then you’ll have my undivided attention.

          2. Glad to have you aboard brother, your comments have ALWAYS drawn big interest, THAT IS EVERYTHING. Nothing else matters.

          3. The truth is all that matters to me, Mark, and there is no more awake group of people on the entire planet than right here at FTT.

            I tried posting elsewhere, but no other site can handle 100% of the truth 100% of the time (although I honestly don’t recall ever being censored at BIN… but that site is chock-full of trolls), at least as far as I’ve been able to discern.

  2. For starters, this guy should not have referred to them as, “political authorities”. I will agree though that the level of lawlessness is over the top.

  3. I’m with #1 on this one. These rats have no credibility, at all. I lost it @3:33 with the, “hand-to-God” testament, FBI agents using his name to get a restaurant table.
    He may drop a truth here and there, but overall, it’s hogwash, in my opinion. How’s he still alive to say these things? That’s the biggest red flag, that of his aliveness.

    1. Posted to draw new comers to the site which it has done beautifully. This wasn’t posted for the approval of long time members, I could care less about if somebody who has been here for 7 or 8 years approved or not. Strictly to feed our site.

      Over a thousand hits. Mission accomplished.

      This is how I roll, dont like it? don’t read it.

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