Magnesium and Iodine

Mary was trying to think of magnesium- that is the other thing that we are almost all deficient in.  Read about what it cures.  It is basically a miracle. 

This is the best form or magnesium from what I know.  It is better absorbed topically rather than ingesting it.

I soak my feet in Pharmaceutical Epsom salts which is very inexpensive. You can also ingest these for various uses, which I would have to look up.  (Handling poisoning perhaps, laxative, etc.)

Iodine crystals are the best form to get (ebay.)  They don’t expire and you could easily get enough for your entire neighborhood’s water purification needs.  Every other form is junk compared to this.  Lugol’s available on the market is too low a concentration to make a difference.  (It is so good for us, they made it illegal to sell the full strength stuff.)

Mixed w/ 2 parts potassium iodide, you get Lugol’s solution which is an old cure all.  Look it up.  It basically strengthens glands and organs.

Here is the original video about making Lugol’s and what it is for. Part 2 should be on the top right.

Making Lugol’s Iodine (Part 1 of 2)

God Bless.

PS – iodine is highly reactive and should probably not be taken with anything else

I took it w/ asorbic acid and purged immediately.

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