Magpul Confirms Plan To Immediately Leave Colorado

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Magpul Industries Corp.

Apparently Gov Hickenlooper has announced that he will sign HB 1224 on Wednesday. We were asked for our reaction, and here is what we said:

We have said all along that based on the legal problems and uncertainties in the bill, as well as general principle, we will have no choice but to leave if the Governor signs this into law.  

We will start our transition out of the state almost immediately, and we will prioritize moving magazine manufacturing operations first. We expect the first PMAGs to be made outside CO within 30 days of the signing, with the rest to follow in phases. We will likely become a multi-state operation as a result of this move, and not all locations have been selected. We have made some initial contacts and evaluated a list of new potential locations for additional manufacturing and the new company headquarters, and we will begin talks with various state representatives in earnest if the Governor indeed signs this legislation. Although we are agile for a company of our size, it is still a significant footprint, and we will perform this move in a manner that is best for the company and our employees.

It is disappointing to us that money and a social agenda from outside the state have apparently penetrated the American West to control our legislature and Governor, but we feel confident that Colorado residents can still take the state back through recalls, ballot initiatives, and the 2014 election to undo these wrongs against responsible Citizens.

6 thoughts on “Magpul Confirms Plan To Immediately Leave Colorado

  1. I support MAGPUL in their decision to move out of Colorado. These politicians want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg, wrong, the goose will flew away. I am sorry for the employees who will lose their jobs but they can vote out their representatives to the same unemployment line. I am sorry for the expense MAGPUL will have to pay for relocating their factory but with the backorders they have, they will need a tax deduction anyway. I also support the MAGPUL product line, they have a superior product. The furniture just feels good.

  2. Be sure you vote out those who supported this decision. Send them a message. Congress needs new blood any way.

  3. Vote them out?!? These infringements are TREASON! At the very least these traitors need long prison sentences. Personally I think they need made an example of for the rest of the legislators in this country. Public executions. How are we to deter these kind of crimes by moving out of state or threatening to “Vote them out”?

    1. Yeah. We’re way past voting. If voting worked we wouldn’t have been stuck in the last joke of an election. Or the one before that..or the one before that……….

  4. Hey Magpul, come to Steubenville, OH where you will find lots of cheap land, tax breaks and hard working gun owners from the shut down steel industry willing to work hard!!

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