Maine cops hunt woman leaving dog poop in Trump supporters’ mailboxes

New York Post – by Lee Brown

That’s a really crappy political campaign.

Police in Maine are hunting a middle-aged woman who has been dumping dog poop in Trump supporters’ mailboxes, according to a report Thursday.

“She has been picking up dog feces and putting it in mailboxes, specifically of people who have Trump signs outside,” Alyshia Canwell, a patrol officer with Hampden Public Safety, told WGME.

The doggy-doo deliverer was spotted both Sunday and Monday, and was snapped riding a purple bike around Hampden while wearing a matching-colored T-shirt, glasses and Crocs, according to a police photo.

“She has been also defacing Trump signs, writing comments on the signs,” Canwell told the local station, without elaborating.

The mystery cyclist potentially faces charges for defacing political advertising and vandalism, the report said.

“I am so over all this crap, no pun intended,” one local, Shelly Grant Beals, replied to the police “wanted” photo.

“Do not approach this lady she is armed … and she is dangerous,” she joked, using an emoji for poop.

10 thoughts on “Maine cops hunt woman leaving dog poop in Trump supporters’ mailboxes

    1. What, are you a Trumptard? She’d be my hero if she buried their whole houses in dog shit.
      Trump’s a f-king communist and his supporters are supporters of communism. I hope they all f-king die.

      1. I never said I faulted her for defacing the Trump signs. I sure as hell wouldn’t want anyone putting dog shit in my mailbox, though one could argue that having political signs could warrant such action. If you think I support the Trumptards or the Biden Bafoons, you are definitely mistaken.

        1. I would never think that you are a Trumptard, that is why your comment took me aback.
          Frankly, I don’t give a dog shit, pun intended, what happens to them, they are traitors and deserve the rope after they are made to eat dog shit.

          1. I definitely do agree that those who support and vote for either candidate will definitely eventually get what they deserve. The 2016 (s)election was about as in your face as the enemy force in occupation could get, yet they still like to raise the bar of the insult factor. I can hear them cackling “Not only do we give the fools in America the meat-puppet we choose to ‘represent and lead’ them, we make it painfully obvious by putting up the absolute most moronic of ‘candidates’ proving that their votes are meaningless and they have been duped for decades!”

  1. Clearly she gives a sh*t.

    She shouldn’t be so discerning though.

    All “voters” deserve dog shite and more for their treason.

  2. I don’t support voting for any of these self proclaimed “ rulers”
    All ways keep this in mind reading anything I post Forever!

    On the dog shit in the mail box is a federal offense
    And the feds can even eat my dogs shit

    But if I catch anyone stuffing feces in my box
    They will get a stuffing of their own

    1. If anybody wants to openly support treason and sedition, I’ll stuff dog shit in their mailbox, just before I stick their head in it and make them eat it.
      What is this thought of the mailbox being some kind of holy grail?
      They cram their f-king dog shit in our faces every day, and I’ll make it clear. I fear no mother f-ker walking this planet.

    2. PS: This is nothing more than antifa communists putting dog shit in corporate communists’ mailboxes. Just the same as them killing each other in the streets. I want them to do it. I want the two factions of communism to kill each other. It saves us bullets.
      As for f-king mail, every piece of my mail is rifled through by the corporate communists before I even see it, just like the bugs on my phone and the cameras watching me.
      I will never speak one word that could appear as supporting one camp or the other. Let them drown each other in dog shit.
      Seems like it always gets this way when we are closing in on another phony election. All of these communists want to KILL US or have us kill one another. F-k em and their f-king mail boxes.

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