Mainstream Media Finally Covers Israel Lobby Corruption in Virginia

Anti-War – by Grant Smith

Why did it take a full year before a single mainstream mass media outlet reported on Virginia Israel Advisory Board corruption?

They had the free book: The Israel Lobby Enters State Government Project Biodiesel – The Jerusalem Connection and the Tobacco Commission

They had the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs Special Report

There was the free Audio Book: The Israel Lobby Enters State Government was on the case!
Virginia Israel Advisory Board Deal Improper Says IG Head of a billion-dollar state funding pool promises to behave

The Scott Horton Show was all over it.
Grant Smith on the Unscrupulous Dealings of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board

It is now a Full Year Later….and Mainstream Media is only scratching the surface

Watch this short YouTube video!


One thought on “Mainstream Media Finally Covers Israel Lobby Corruption in Virginia

  1. This is a ploy to satisfy the masses, to satisfy Americans worries about big time Israeli Infiltration into American politics. Until we stop the cash flow to Israel , or no longer recognize these Jew overlords, its business as usual. They will frame a Jew scape goat, and Trump will continue to stick his tonque in Netanyahus’ ass crack.

    Israel runs America, we pay a tax that goes into Israel’s coffers. These parasites are killing American Nationals freedoms. How perfect it would be if Israel would vaporize.

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