3 thoughts on “Major Drug Cartel Operation In The Same Town Where Justice Scalia Died

  1. Good find Wade. Damn good find. It’s nice to finally see a little perspective from the other side of the border from someone who actually seems to know what he’s talking about.
    I pretty much figured the Feds use the same pipelines for drugs and weapons and pedophilia and whatever other nasty sh!t they are into. It’s all interconnected. It’s cheaper to multi-task.

  2. True story relating to excellent video regarding what’s really going on in my neck of the woods: the events in the video relate to the border country known as Presidio County, where the border crossing from Ojinaga Mexico to Presidio Texas is–and the same county where Scalia was murdered (likely, but not definitive) and where Marfa is. Anyway, in the mid to late 90s the Sheriff of Presidio County (an Anglo no less) was indicted for among other felonies, drug running from across the Rio Grande in a tiny town called Ruidosa–which is a stone’s throw from the Cibilo Creek Ranch where Scalia was, across a tiny wood plank bridge (where some of my former Presidio HS students were trafficked for sex as well). The deouty Sheriff at the time, who was not indicted, later became sheriff of neighboring Jeff Davis County! Finally, at border crossings in the Big Bend National Park and Terlingua (site of a TV/Cop/Murder Mystery show “Badlands Texas”), drugs and weapons (and maybe humans) are trafficked continually (according to Border Patrol folks I know).

    Meaning everything in the vidoe is absolutely true…and maybe, just maybe, Scalia was murdered for something besides his supposed support for the Second Amendment and opposition to Obama’s illegal amnesty program. Or because he was a closet Satanist.

  3. “Kiddie-diddlers” Inc. John Poindexter, why does that name “ring a bell”? A Reagan or Bush crony if I recall correctly, if it’s the same John Poindexter. Neck deep in $hit from the get-go, what’s Scalia doin’ there to begin with, other than stuff no one wants to talk about. A 13 year old boy slit his throat? Good!

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