19 thoughts on “Major False Flag Prevented! Device Detonated Off Coast Ex-CIA Agent Confirms

  1. If this isn’t enough to overthrow the government then I don’t know what is. Do the people need to be led by the hand to the White House to oust these bastards out?

    Unfrigginbelievable!! If this is true, our president ordered a nuclear attack on American soil. He should go directly to the firing squad!

  2. Still maintain (several years running now) the usurper could cut someone in half on LIVE nation wide TV and still remain in office, untouched.

    What would happen if (when) he decides the Presidency is something he does not want to relinquish, in a few years?

    1. “Still maintain (several years running now) the usurper could cut someone in half on LIVE nation wide TV and still remain in office, untouched.”

      Oh I’ve already brought that idea to people’s attention plenty of times. They’ll just probably make up an excuse saying, “He was just not feeling well that day and was under a lot of stress. Give him a break. It probably wasn’t even him.” That’s how crazy this world is right now.

  3. If this is all true, then why hasn’t the DICK-tater been relieved of his duties by the military for dereliction of duty? I’ve read NC’s rants many times, and totally agree with him. Where is the military when it is needed to arrest this moron?? Or would Oprah not allow them to remove our first mulatto “president” from office??

  4. If this is true, and good chance it is, Where is the US Military in not riding us of this worst of scum……….I’ve been asking that for a few years. There have been prominent current events writers who address the Military coup possibility this way………no; don’t want a coup…Because….bla bla bla…..
    Well, all can see what’s ahead for us with this mad man sitting in the WH…and his flock…following orders….that Oprah should go to jail right with the rest of them, also! Obunghole….deserves a straight path to the squad of hardest hitters….nothing less…….

  5. Can anyone verify this story’s authenticity? I would like to get it out to people but because so many things have been a hoax or disinformation in the past, I am hesitant to send this until verified. Especially since this is so big.

  6. It says at the 6:00 mark that sources were leaking information to Infowars.com, yet I haven’t heard AJ mention anything on it. You’d think someone like AJ with a vendetta against Obama would jump at the opportunity to post something like this if it were true.

    Even the French site, Dedefensa.org has nothing posted on it, although I’m no French expert.

    1. Jones was yammering about this a month or so ago…something about how a very credible but unnamed source told him that nukes were moved from a military base where no nukes where supposed to be…no paper trail bla de blah…then Count Dorkus de Dorkus in the senate claiming that some city was going to be nuked at the same time. This all coincides with a quake in the Atlantic off the east coast a little while later…of course none of it can be substantiated unless one of these military star wearing muckety mucks wants to step forward and go on record saying so.

  7. The site, Secure Team 10, published an article 2 days ago titled “Confirmed Alien Abduction Caught on Camera”. So I would take this with a grain of salt. Also, is there really such a thing as an “ex”-CIA agent?

      1. Well, seeing as how this story is continuing to develop and grow, it’s either a very big lie (The bigger the lie, the easier it is to fool people – Hitler type philosophy) or it’s very true.

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