Make Your Vote Count in 2014 by Unregistering to Vote

At this point in our nation’s history, any American national who does not see and will not admit to the international socialist insurgent takeover of every position of power in the united States, from the meter maid to the president, is either being willfully stupid via cowardice or has accumulated such wealth as they fear they have much to lose through an uprising.

Yesterday morning here in Chiloquin, it was 19 degrees below zero.  Our windows were coated with ice on the inside and all I could think about was my brothers and sisters living in tent cities with their children, while foreigners are being provided housing, heat, food, cars, education, and health care.   

Make no mistake, there is an elitist faction of closet Zionist supporters out there who are trying to con we the people into another election cycle in their effort to preserve their elitist status quo.  Every one of them is a millionaire and though they pretend outrage at the million infringements being heaped upon we American nationals, in reality they are attempting to gain restoration of nothing more than their ability to remain socially above the rest of us with access to government granted privileges through their wealth, in conjunction with the treasonous law firms they employ.

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ted Nugent, and the rest of the cabal do not see the hundred million American nationals, dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made civilly dead, as anything more than an unruly mob of peasants they can manipulate and use as a threat for their own political purposes.  Any poor American who does not know that these traitors put themselves above us and that they are presenting themselves as the masters of our power is either a coward or a fool.

The neo-con tea partiers are now sending their agents out onto the net to every patriot site in an attempt to sell the illusion of the removal of the communists through the ballot box and jury box.  The whole idea is to get us to be stupid one more time.  They will then use our stupidity in following their elitist lead as leverage to better position themselves in the ruling class when we are enslaved.  They will not come out calling for the deportations of the invading armies as the language spoken by the slaves they intend to lord over is of no consequence to them.

I, this day, will unregister to vote and will call upon my brothers and sisters across this nation to do likewise.  This act, if perpetrated, will not be reported on in the mainstream propaganda and our enemies will make every effort through amnesty to replace our registrations with those of the one hundred million illegals they have pumped into our country.  But it will send a message to all our enemies, even those pretending to be our allies and that is we will no longer acquiesce to or affirm this fraud through participation.

Let it be known that no political collective is going to control us through media manipulation.  We will push for unregistration and show them that through our communications, we are united within these Trenches.  And once we come out of these Trenches there is going to be pure, unmitigated, hell to be paid by each and every one of them who participated at any level in this attempt to conquer us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

33 thoughts on “Make Your Vote Count in 2014 by Unregistering to Vote

  1. When was the last time a local, state, or fed official – at all levels – ever did anything even close to what they got elected for so why even think of voting people.

  2. Hey All
    You guys vote? I have only voted one time in my life and that was for myself when I thought I could make a difference back in 2002(ran for house of delegates),other than that I always figured it was like being invited to dinner where the host took a dump on one side and his neighbor took a dump on the other side and I was supposed to pick the “lesser smelling pile of crap”.No thanks,then with the fact that it matters not who votes but who COUNTS THE VOTES and the lack of verifiable paper trail,well it just had to be a big ol illusion of choice when these unknown contenders magically appeared like a magic trick.besides my lack of involvment meant I could object to both slimy candidates no matter who received the nod of approval.

  3. I left the republican party a few years back and registered independent. I don’t vote any more, but I did want to send a message to the neo-cons that I would never support them again because they had lied. I have heard the BS that states if you don’t vote, you cant bitch. That was said to get people to pick a side. I have picked a side. The Bill of Rights is the side I am on and no politician is on that side, so I wont vote for them. Since 2009, I have found that it doesn’t matter which side you pick. They all end up doing as their masters tell them to do. Hell, now they don’t even claim to be trying to do our work anymore. They just do the devil’s work and laugh at us while they trample our rights.

    1. Bulldog,
      I agree1000% the best part of that “you cant bitch” is that those individuals who did vote will still bitch or complain about the “choice” they have made. If I have not made a choice by voting how can you say that I can not complain about the situation that you the voter have placed me in by your “choice” voting in the fracking first place.

      It was driving me nutz trying to figure out how to get off the voting registration lists until early this year I found some tenants paperwork in a vacated apartment and viola an actual paper document with address for mailing. This enabled the removal of myself from said list as there is not much that could be found online for getting off that list only how to get onto it.

      I also like to classify myself as part of the “Leave Me The KCUF Alone party”.

  4. There was never anyone to vote FOR until Ron Paul came along, and once I saw how that turned out for him – and our nation – I took myself off the registration rolls.

    If ANYONE still believes that ‘voting’ is going to change a single thing, you’re high.

    Unless, of course, you still think obama is a messiah or something.

    1. I have gone to the registration site for Oregon and on Political Party, I put down that I wanted to be unregistered. Don’t know if this will do it, but will not cease until I am unregistered. What procedure did you use?

      1. Just not reregistering I guess,I had registered “reform party after collecting 2500 signatures to get on the ballot,the next election cycle they sent out form saying if you dont resubmit you will be removed.I dont know about the rest of the states,but if you send a registered letter or even a fax(reconized legal document as long as it has a date and time stamp)(I played with the courts quite a bit from my home computor by just faxing them complaints or responses,can you feel the love) make sure you get delivery confimation on all regitered a fax keeps the log automatically.

  5. the game is rigged and has been for years. have been trying to tell people that around here for years. this is no longer a representative republic. we are all slaves. it’s time to break loose.

  6. I don’t need a leader.
    I refuse to comply every day in many ways.
    I laugh at voters. I’m saddened by their lack of thought process though.

  7. All you retards that don’t vote are part of the problem. There are enough non-voters out there to make a difference if they had voted. That’s how Obama got voted into office, because not enough people were interested in voting against him, so they just sat at home with their thumbs up their butts. There are more conservatives in America than there are liberals. But they don’t get out and vote like the liberals (who vote as many times as they can get away with). You might think it’s stacked against you, but you sure can’t change it if you don’t try.

    1. shorty,
      you gonna come on here and call us retards? Get out of your moms basement and learn a little bit. I voted and campaigned until I was blue in the face. The person they want in the office gets in. It doesn’t matter how many votes are cast for the guy you want in office. And you state that there are more conservatives than liberals out there. You are part of the problem. Get out of the paradigm and realize that it doesn’t matter if the bastard has an R or a D next to their name. They do as they are told once they get to DC. “You cant change it if you don’t try”?????? What the hell have we all been doing for years? The only thing left is to prepare for what is coming and try to wake up other Americans to it as well.
      You keep voting for your guy, who is just gonna do what the globalists tell him to do and I will keep preparing. We will see who makes it through this shit storm that is coming.

      1. Hey Bulldog. you hit the nail right on the head. like George Carlin said. the game is rigged. they gottcha by the balls. The way i see it, there is only one avenue left to take, and we all know what that is.

      2. Come on, guys.

        From the very first sentence it’s obvious that Shorty doesn’t give a rat’s @ss about voting. He/she’s just a shill paid (or not paid) to stir the pot. The fact that I’ve seen his/her user name posting for a long enough time here on FTT for him/her to KNOW what the majority stance on this subject is just proves it.

        He/she is just trying to piss you off, and appears to have succeeded to some extent. Even though it’s Monday (I REALLY hate Mondays) I’m still in a good enough mood to simply laugh at this @ssclown’s juvenile antics.

        That said, for crossing the line and calling us retards, I got somethin’ special for ‘Shorty’ (btw, if it’s a guy, I’m sure Shorty is his nickname for a certain anatomical feature).

        This one’s for you, Shorty:
        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

    2. LOL you stupid pile of sh!t.
      So you voted for the puppet they allowed you to vote for. Hows that working for you?
      Shorty im going to guess you aint got many friends. Coming on trenches and spouting off how we are retards for not voting in a system that is rigged earns no love.
      Perhaps you should find a site like to comment on.

    3. Shorty,

      That’s one, we will let that go chief. One more bullshit insult from you and the next thing you will be posting will be a picture of yourself with an over the head wedgy with a toilet plunger stuck up your ass.

  8. I just called our registrar of voters office here in Louisiana. All we have to do is mail in a letter stating that we want to be removed and put our name and date of birth with our signature and they will remove you! The letter is going out in tomorrows mail!

  9. Elections are all rigged. Dropping out of the vote is viable.
    Another thing we can do is redress our states to print their own money. I watched The Secret Of Oz yesterday and learned that it’s legal as long as it’s not coins.

  10. The last time I voted was in 08 because my lady bugged the sh!t out of me to. She was anti obama and just learning about how the system REALLY works. You know, the part where voting might still make a difference. Anyways. I seen the turmoil over obama being black and hillary being a c$nt i mean fire breathing luciferian woman. SOOO i voted for Cynthia McKinny. That way I coulnt be called a racist or a woman hater. She was both of those things that was sure to make this country better. A black woman. Plus she called for the indictment of cheney on the house floor.
    Turned out my ex voted the same way.

    1. Good vote. They call McKinney crazy because she doesn’t believe the 9/11 narrative. LOL on your lady making you vote.

  11. When I was young I voted independent, then I switched to republican and now it’s time to switch it off! These bastards are running us into the ground and all that the elected can do is smile pretty and lie…………….Tired of it!

  12. I’ve only voted twice. Once to oust Gray Davis (no, I did NOT vote for the actor), and the second time for Bush (2nd term) That one really makes me sick, but I didn’t start waking up until towards the end of that 2nd term.

    I will unregister though, on principal alone.

  13. Last time I voted was for Ronnie….haven’t voted since and have moved several states since then……I’m sure I am “UN-registered” by now

  14. I have never voted – not even once, as I always though that it was just one big scam. I do not think that a guy would have to unregister to vote if he has never voted does he? Just wondering. There was a time when I was told that if you are a felon that you have lost your right to vote.

    1. Just being labeled a felon is a scam Digger. The Clintons and Bushes are both felons in gods eyes. The word felon is total BS. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Frankenstein are both felons. It’s just that their shit doesn’t stink right? The United States has more felons than any other country in the world.

      Total scam to prevent freedoms and create havoc. Every billionaire is a felon for crying out loud.

      1. Yes it is a big scam isn`t it Mark. It sure makes life hard on a guy when it come to a decent job though. Now days it realy doesn`t make much of a difference in my eyes any way…. I have never seen why there is all of the big fuss over all this voteing crap. It has always seemed to be a waste of time and a big f`n scam from what I have seen all these years.

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