Mammoth Cave: A Place Called Home

Published on Mar 31, 2016

In the heart of South Central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park is a draw for people from around the world. This area holds the longest known cave system in the world and a rich history of family and community that reaches back generations. The people living in the Mammoth Cave area had a unique bond with those around them and to the land that would one day become a national park. Mammoth Cave: A Place Called Home is a tale of communities lost and a National Park gained as a legacy to those who knew and loved the cave and for those who would come after.

3 thoughts on “Mammoth Cave: A Place Called Home

  1. Watch and weep! This is just another criminal act perpetrated upon these 600 families that were run off their land. They did NOT sacrifice this land for the good of all those that come and tour the park, they were forced off, homes bulldozed, eminent domain. They left these families stranded with no means to care for themselves during the great depression. All those rangers and conservation corp are criminals too for assisting to destroy as one women said her birth right! They only did it for the money. The feds own this land now. This is very SAD! The Kentucky legislature is also guilty.

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