Man who beheaded bus passenger granted total freedom

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba — A Canadian man who was found not criminally responsible for beheading and cannibalizing a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus has been granted his freedom.

Manitoba’s Criminal Code Review Board announced Friday it has given Will Baker, formerly known as Vince Li, an absolute discharge, meaning he is longer subject to monitoring.  

Baker, a diagnosed schizophrenic, killed Tim McLean, a young carnival worker who was a complete stranger to Baker, in 2008. A year later he was found not criminally responsible due to mental illness.

McLean’s mother, Carol de Delley, has been outspoken against granting Baker freedom, saying there would be no way to ensure he continued to take his medication.

She declined comment in a post on Facebook Friday, saying “I have no words.”

Baker was initially kept in a secure wing of a psychiatric hospital but was given more freedom every year.

He has been living on his own in a Winnipeg apartment since November, but was still subject to monitoring to ensure he took his medication.

Baker’s doctor, Jeffrey Waldman, told the board earlier this week that he is confident Baker will remain on his medication and will continue to work with his treatment team if released. Waldman testified that Baker knows it’s the medication that keeps his illness at bay.

In a written decision, the review board said it “is of the opinion that the weight of evidence does not substantiate that Mr. Baker poses a significant threat to the safety of the public.”

Waldman said Baker plans to visit his native China if released but would live in Winnipeg for the next two to three years. He is on the waiting list for a post-secondary training program and plans on establishing a career in the city. Baker emigrated to Canada from China in 2001 and became a Canadian citizen four years ago.

Baker sat next to the 22-year-old McLean on the bus after the man smiled at him and asked how he was doing.

Baker said he heard the voice of God telling him to kill the man or “die immediately.”

He repeatedly stabbed McLean while he fought for his life. As passengers fled the bus, Baker continued stabbing and mutilating the body before he was arrested. He severed McLean’s head, displaying it to some of the passengers outside the bus, witnesses said.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that a review board must order an absolute discharge if a person doesn’t pose a significant threat to public safety.

The ruling added there must be clear evidence of a significant risk to the public for the review board to continue imposing conditions after a person is found not criminally responsible.

Opposition Conservative member of Parliament James Bezan also criticized Baker’s release. He said earlier in the week it would be an insult to de Delley and McLean’s other relatives.

Baker’s defenders include Chris Summerville, executive director of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, who has met and worked with him over the years.

“He is no longer a violent person,” Summerville said. “I will say, yes, he absolutely understands that he has to (take his medication) and has a desire to live a responsible, moral life and never succumb to psychotic episodes and not to hurt anybody ever again.”

10 thoughts on “Man who beheaded bus passenger granted total freedom

  1. >>>”the flu virus does not get transmitted from the mother to the unborn child during pregnancy, therefore, vaccinating a mother does not even have a justification.” ““What we are going to see 20 years from now, is a significant increase in schizophrenia and autism.” Dr. Blaylock warns that, just as it is done today with autism syndrome disorder, in the near future, government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry will claim not to know what the cause of the rise in schizophrenia is.”

    1. I do not think Mr. Baker should be released. I find it hard to believe he had not been on medications prior to the attack on the bus. He is a ticking time bomb. He is as we all are part of the ongoing experiment of mediSIN.

  2. Let’s not lose our heads over this! He only chopped one head off! “Hey mom, meet my new boyfriend.” “He’s totally cured from his decapitation disorder.”

    I cannot believe they let this guy roam the streets. Something is F’D up!

  3. The family of the man killed would be totally justified to hunt that psychotic bastard down and give him one final “treatment”, a hot lead injection right between the eyes.

  4. Any one who releases this guy should be forced to allow this murderer to live in their households. They should also let him babysit their grandchildren since he poses no threat!
    Let him rotate to each of them for how ever many months throughout his probationary period.If there is one.
    However, I think that anyone who commits murder should be tried and when found guilty should immediately be put to death. Regardless of age.
    This would give justice to the public and the family of the victim and permanently remove any possible future threat.
    What will happen when he obeys the voice in his head when it tells him to stop taking his medication?

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