Man charged in Texas killings: Kids were becoming ‘monsters’


HOUSTON (AP) — A man charged in the deaths of a couple and six children at a Houston home has professed love for one of the victims – his son – but said he thought the children were “growing up to be monsters.”

David Conley, who was being held without bond Wednesday on capital murder counts,was formerly in a relationship with the children’s mother, Valerie Jackson. Authorities say the two had a 13-year-old son together.  

Conley, 48, gave jailhouse interviews to several Houston television stations, saying he loved his son “to death” but that he and the other children weren’t being raised properly and acted unkindly toward others.

“They were growing up to be monsters, they were disrespectful, rude in school,” Conley told KPRC-TV. “I’m not saying they’re dead because of that. I’m not even saying I killed them. God says in the Bible do not disrespect your mother and father or your days will be short, but I’m not saying that’s what happened.”

Those killed at the house Saturday were: Jackson, 40; her husband, Dwayne Jackson; and her children, 13-year-old Nathaniel; 11-year-old Honesty; 10-year-old Dwayne; 9-year-old Caleb; 7-year-old Trinity; and 6-year-old Jonah. All were shot in the head. Police have said most had been handcuffed and some had been shot multiple times.

A message left with Conley’s attorney was not immediately returned Wednesday.

Court records show Conley had a history of domestic violence against Jackson. Conley said Jackson’s husband was a “monster” and had harassed him, and said previous charges of domestic violence against him were “all lies.”

Authorities have said Conley told them he discovered on Saturday morning that the locks had been changed at the home after he had moved out. He entered the home through an unlocked window, according to an arrest affidavit.

Conley said in the interviews that he recently agreed to move out of the home, but went back to the residence because he believed he should at least be able to stay in one room since he had paid rent.

3 thoughts on “Man charged in Texas killings: Kids were becoming ‘monsters’

  1. “They were growing up to be monsters, they were disrespectful, rude in school,”

    That would be due to the communist ‘programming’ provided by t.v.

    “God says in the Bible do not disrespect your mother and father or your days will be short,…”

    He also says “Thou shalt not murder” (amazing how many get that wrong – murder, NOT merely kill).

    The murdering scumbag has admitted everything. A trial would be a waste of time & ‘money’.

  2. No mention of possible SSRI use, as usual. On the other hand, jailers may have lost some money before the “monsters” became eligible cash cows. But the welfare system saved some cash.

  3. Consider this: We are in a time when killing off kids might just save your life considering we now live in an age where they are being groomed to be your executioner. Not only that, but we live in an age where kids chop their parents up with axes because they did not get the latest play station; or like that other one who used a CHAINSAW a few years ago before they hushed it up.

    All of this is merely a sign of things to come. The age of innocence is gone, only varying degrees of guilt remain.

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