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Man Charged with obstruction at a DUI Checkpoint goes before incompetent Judge. Part 1

Published on Mar 8, 2013

Here is another sample of our “Justice system” Charging Us with a crime, they cannot prosecute, attempting to get us to yeild to their power. At all the lower Pre-Trial hearings, the City was “Seeking Jail time” while the accused is productive and has a 100% clean record. The accused was Forced to have the “Stand-by council” who never spent one moment preparing! (Roadblock?) At The end of the Muni Court saga, We end up with a technicality, forcing the prosecution drop the case. Hmm reminds me of the “Biker Spanks Cop” video.

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7 Responses to Man Charged with obstruction at a DUI Checkpoint goes before incompetent Judge. Part 1

  1. c. walker says:

    Where is jury?

  2. galen says:

    Oh man, why was there here? I got sucked in, all 10 segments, thinking it would lead somewhere, but it didn’t. It lead nowhere. Yes, it’s the fake court, but the title suggested some crescendo where the judge is exposed, shamed, brought down. It was all such docile protocol. But the there was one terrible thing: THE WOMEN!! Wow, to see what these sisters have morphed into is like a travesty of nature, especially the public attorney who desperately wants to punish this man. To see women in that capacity, actin’ tough, validating themselves because they are State Troopers or Sgts., or… I just was hard to watch.



  3. H D says:

    Thanks Galen for saving me time … is the soup done

    • galen says:

      It’s simmering, HD. I just added some fresh herbs. Mary’s bread is starting to crisp and brown. Please procure butter.



  4. H D says:

    Just got some fresh Amish butter , licking my lips

  5. H D says:

    Mary is your bread ready for my butter

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