9 thoughts on “Man Cusses At Miami Cops, Cops Draw Guns And Break His Leg!

  1. A lot of the comments on youtube were wide awake. Saw one that said if this was a white guy, never would have happened. NO! So I posted link to the Kelly Thomas beating to death video who was a white guy.

    1. people always have to play the race card. It’s getting really tired just like all of these pro trump memes I see that make me want to barf. They are oppressing everybody.

    2. “A lot of the comments on youtube were wide awake.”

      I’ve noticed more of that lately … depending on the subject

    1. I do indeed believe that’s a black cop involved with the busting of a black man’s legs. Just proves my point color don’t matter.

      Black, white, etc, all fair game to blackwater!

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