Man Who Hopes to Prove the Earth Is Flat in His Homemade Rocket Has a New Launch Date

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It’s anyone’s guess where “Mad” Mike Hughes gets his nickname, but you may have heard it before. In November of 2017, Hughes announced a plan to ride his home-made rocket into the sky with the ultimate goal of proving that the Earth is flat. His first launch never got off the ground due to government regulations, but on Friday, he announced that he’s going to try again, sometime around February 3.

Hughes does not believe that the Earth is the shape of a sphere, according to a video released on Friday on his Facebook page. He has said that he doesn’t believe in science and that public schools are “programming centers.” He claims that he doesn’t like the word “flat earther,” but his rocket is painted with the words “flat earth.” 

In November, his attempts to launch were quashed when the Bureau of Land Management shut down the attempt. Hughes had originally planned to launch his rocket from up into the sky, eject himself with a parachute, and the rocket would crash onto Bureau land. This time, Hughes says, he’s going to do a vertical launch so that the rocket lands on his own property.

The flat Earth hypothesis states that Earth is shaped like a disk, or dinnerplate, as opposed to a beach ball. Science has repeatedly shown, starting 2,000 years ago, that the Earth is spherical. Notably, NASA has many pictures of Earth from space, showing its shape. However, many flat Earther’s don’t believe in the photos or the science, which is why they want someone on their side to go up and get their own pictures.

However, this particular launch isn’t intended to immediately prove the flat Earth hypothesis. “I never said this jump or launch was supposed to prove anything with the flat Earth,” Hughes said on the video. “It’s just supposed to be for publicity.”

After the launch, and an allegedly upcoming documentary about his life, Hughes hopes to use the publicity he’s gathered to fundraise for a launch into space that should be high enough to actually show the curvature—or lack thereof—of the Earth.

In the video, Hughes also mentioned his plans to run for governor of California.

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12 thoughts on “Man Who Hopes to Prove the Earth Is Flat in His Homemade Rocket Has a New Launch Date

  1. “In the video, Hughes also mentioned his plans to run for governor of California.” …. In California this idiot just might win.

    Someone please tell this lunatic that he doesn’t need a rocket. If you went to the observation deck of the World Trade Center you could have seen the Earth’s curvature bending off in the distance.

    You’re a little bit late to try it at the trade center, but you might see the same thing from the Sears tower in Chicago, or any building of similar height.

  2. yeah and all the other planets didnt get the memo? ( the one to be flat)

    sure the moon looks flat, and so does the sun? …so all the other planets are round ,but the earth is flat?

    oh boy

  3. I believe we live on a Schrodinger planet. It is neither flat nor spherical until it is observed, much like a quantum particle/wave.

  4. Bad enough many folks believe the universe revolves around the Earth (geocentrism), but this is ridiculous! And some use the Bible and the Book of Enoch to “prove” the Earth is flat….the whole “four corners” thing.

    If the Earth is flat, then at what point is the “center” of a “flat” Earth from where equal distances from that center point determine where one “falls” off the “flat” Earth? All flat surfaces have parallel lines or planes THAT NEVER MEET (a law of mathematics), so at what points to horizontal and vertical parallel lines criss-cross each other to form the “flat” planes that forms the “flat” Earth? And, if the Earth is “flat” then so are all other planets, stars, etc. including the sun. And what set of continents are the centers of the maps that would describe the Earth?

    If North and South America form the “center” of the Earth it means Asia is to the West and Europe/Middle East/Africa is to the East….so how does the Silk Road from Asia to Europe get past the Americas? Oh, I guess that’s because Europe/Middle East/Africa is the center, with the Americas in the West and Asia in the East…

    And, sir, how do you explain a set of latitudes known as the Arctic and Antarctic CIRCLES? On a “flat” Earth?

  5. This is actually kinda funny, since I’ve met one of these ‘flat Earthers’ right here in Sweet Home.

    The thing that really pisses me off about this guy is that he’s as awake as most of us are, but he wastes his time (AND other people’s) trying to convince them that the Earth is flat.

    I mean, seriously, how the hell does that have ANY relevancy to what we’re facing? Even if the Earth WERE flat, it wouldn’t change a single damn thing, insofar as our struggle for freedom goes. He should be trying to wake people up to reality, instead of alienating them with irrelevant suppositions.

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