4 thoughts on “Man in a mask with an I’m vaccinated pin

  1. He should have been followed out of the store and had his teeth knocked down his throat. “Don’t worry sir, your wife is a doctor, I’m sure she can nurse your wounds you f***ing wimp!”

  2. Truly ashamed of the men in this country. Where are the men protecting this woman from this creep? I see a few standing around talking. I would have knocked this dude straight the f*ck out! I know all of us here would have gotten physical with this freak.

  3. Gee I wonder if this would have happened in a big box type store for real manly men, like BassPro or Cabelas. I wonder if this girly man Karen type ever even went fishing or hunting or knows how to start a fire with no matches or chase javelinas out of a garden at 3 a.m……

    1. Must be Karen’s father, Todd Sr. I just call him LOW LEVEL TYRANT. Grabbing onto his false sense of power, thinks it makes him a hero.


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