Man in coma after Black mob of 50 pummels him

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WND – by Colin Flaherty

A St. Paul, Minn., man is in a coma today, fighting for his life after a black mob beat him, stripped his clothes off and left him for dead. Even if he recovers, he will have permanent brain damage.

Ray Widstrand thought he had nothing to fear from moving into a black neighborhood on the East Side of St. Paul. This young white guy and aspiring filmmaker thought he had nothing to fear when he decided to take a Sunday night stroll through his adopted part of town.  

Nothing to fear from a crowd of 50 black people fighting outside a nearby party. So he stopped to check it out. Soon, however, the mob’s attention turned on him.

“The first person who struck him had hit him with a can in a sock,” said one witness in a police report. “The man went down and a ‘whole bunch of little eastside boys’ began to kick the man. She saw them strip him of his pants and go through the pockets.”

When police arrived, the black mob scattered, leaving only Ray behind.

“He had blood coming from his nose and mouth and was unresponsive,” said the police report. “As of August 8th, the prognosis for recovery is slight, and should he live, he will suffer permanent and protracted loss of brain function.”

Four black people have been arrested so far.

At a press conference, Ray’s father said his son did not feel the neighborhood was dangerous. Ray was a good person, a gentle person, a sweet person, said his friends and family. He liked comic books and posing in superhero outfits for gag photos. As an aspiring filmmaker, Ray contributed the opening sequence of a local cable-access news-talk show about “meeting neighbors, making friends.”

This 26-year old free spirit took people as he found them. He hoped for the same. Others in St. Paul know better. At least in that neighborhood.

“This is not super uncommon,” said Bob Fox in the reader comment section of the Pioneer Press. “I have seen a white guy or two get surrounded and beat down and robbed quite a few times. Around the bus stops at 5th and Minnesota and 6th and Minnesota are the worst. Damn right it is a hate crime. They attack like a pack of wolves.”

Many of the episodes of the black mob violence in the Twin Cities region – and the officials denials they are happening at all – are documented in “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.”

8 thoughts on “Man in coma after Black mob of 50 pummels him

  1. Being a Minnesota native, it is well known fact that the inner city is dangerous especially during night hours. It has not been coined as Murderapolis for no reason. I still have more fingers and toes than I have been to the inner city. Mpls/St Paul eastside are connected city’s If you’re a tourist make sure you have self-defense and 2 or more people with you during evening or night hours. This is nothing new, it’s just not well publicized for very good reasons. Because this kind of information scares away business. Outstate Minnesota is much better for tourists.

    1. Oh Yea Nancy Bakos, I used to hang out in that area three or four yr.s ago – I haven`t been back there sinse. I could see that there is something bad ready to boil over. Lots of crime and drugs in the twin cities. Lots of gang activity has moved in….. Anyway it looks like this kid that got beat wasn`t too smart interfering in a party fight – especially being white and being a newcommer to the neighbor hood like that. Plus, like you said , ya never go out early evening alone without at least another local with you.

      1. One of my neices is married to a real estate salesman, and he won’t list nor sell properties in this area. And, yes the Chicago gangs did infiltrate Mpls/StPaul area. As of late the Somali issues are causing concern as well. If you’re a tourist~daytime well lit populated areas with self~defense and 1 or 2 people is always the safest. A plus would be a cell phone ready to call and take video’s at a moments notice.

  2. These people mean business. This guy sure was naive and delusional.
    I wonder where he came from. I partially blame the media: to be forewarned
    is to be forearmed. Recall living in Atlanta in the mid 70’s. Sitting out
    front of Coca-Cola and saw this man throw a woman out of a moving car and
    then try to run over her. I ran over to help the woman and the man tried
    to run over me. Eyes wide open. Hate is in the air.

    1. The media isn’t going to report on this because it affects local business. The corporate trash news depends on advertisements to support their business.

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