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Man Invents Engine that Runs on Water – Shut down Fast – Bezos Invents Nothing – Allowed to Make Trillions

The Amazon business model is nothing new; people have been warehousing goods and delivering them for thousands of years, so what’s up with this special favoritism given to this one Jew run institution called Amazon?

I’ll tell you what’s up, a specialized organization, which was given special treatment and in return, pays special organizations billions to keep the Jew in power, nothing more, nothing less.  

This special favoritism, being allowed to operate freely, with zero oversight or regulation, is a front, designed to funnel cash to the commie SOB’s who ok’d this garbage, designed to bail out areas around the world who serve the Jew. It funnels unlimited amounts of cash when needed, while being run by the Jew Mafia, skimmed off the top, just like a Vegas run casino.

When you’re talking about a trillion dollars, you’re talking corruption the likes that have never been seen before. You expect American Nationals to believe this bullshit is completely on the up? Please, don’t insult us with this globalist lie.

Do a forensic accounting, if such a thing is even possible, see where every dime goes. Do this while Americans die in tents because they can’t get medicine, or eat properly, do this while homes are taken away because American Nationals can no longer afford them. Do this while other countries give free medical to their people, while American Nationals get peanuts.

Amazon overcharges, taking money out of Americans pockets for nothing more than greed. Americans have been conned by the commie circus barker, big time.

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5 Responses to Man Invents Engine that Runs on Water – Shut down Fast – Bezos Invents Nothing – Allowed to Make Trillions

  1. 'ol stewbum says:

    When they called this the land of the free, I don’t believe it was supposed to mean free to leave, but it is now.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Actually, there have been at least two guys who built cars that ran on water – one in Colorado, and one in Australia.

    Amazingly enough, both committed ‘suicide’.

    • Aaron says:

      Dont forget Dan Oogle who made a car that went 100s of miles on a gallon of gas..He also died in the desert of mysterious means. They made a good movie out of it, but most couldn’t be bothered to care..Its called GasHole..

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        Tesla tried to give us free energy.

        He died penniless & discredited.

        He was probably the most brilliant man that ever lived… light years ahead of his time. Now they’re using his technology against us, most notably (and worst of all) – HAARP.

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