Man is stabbed in massive brawl between Antifa rioters and anti-vaccine protesters outside Los Angeles city hall

Daily Mail

A man was stabbed and a radio reporter was attacked on Saturday when a massive brawl erupted outside Los Angeles City Hall between suspected Antifa activists and protesters decrying vaccine mandates.

At about 2pm, a group of people holding American flags and signs calling for ‘medical freedom’ arrived at City Hall for the rally, the Los Angeles Police Department and local media said. Counterprotesters quickly gathered nearby.

About half an hour later, a fight broke out between the groups of protesters and counterprotesters.

Counterprotesters were seen dressed in all black while anti-vaccine demonstrators were seen draped in American flag clothing and various Trump memorabilia.

The opposing groups soon came to blows with punches and objects flying in every direction.

See the pics and read the rest here:

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