12 thoughts on “Man punches women on subway train

  1. So they’ve pulled it. If it’s the same one I saw yesterday, the man punches the woman in front of her husband and child and the husband just stood there and did nothing. It was awful to see and this was no light punch. I do not know any other details on it.


  2. I saw this video. Pulled because let’s face it, it was ablack guy who punched a white woman in front of her white husband and of course from years of white guilt and subjugation training he did nothing as everyone else did nothing as well but record and humiliate and laugh. This is the future of white people because so many of them feel isolated and alone and know they’ll be set upon in these situations by “POC”. Let’s not forget there are those who laugh as they watch their programs being carried out. Segregation is necessary at times and for certain people. I don’t believe in false unity. Unless people find their circles and utilize them, they’ll be subject to this until their dying day. And so will their children. Don’t take this lightly. In cities like this , it’s no isolated thing.

    1. Yup, she took that solid punch yet her “man” did nothing. Once again they watched and recorded. All she said was chill out.

    2. Yes and for damn sure showing how they keep doing this is not racist?People need to see we are being targeted and all should be aware

    3. The video is not pulled, I just watched it.
      And brother, you are painting with a wide brush.
      I promise you I would have whipped my blade out and gutted this mother f-ker before he ever took a swing at my wife.
      Here where I live among the loggers and the cowboys, pretty much any one of us would.
      This so called husband is a f-king cunt, not worthy of having a woman, and you wonder how he got the kid with no balls. This might be the future of white people in the city, but not in the rural areas, and I can speak for the next generation as any of my sons, hell, my oldest grandson, would have gutted this mother f-ker just for trying to get tough with them.
      Have to admit, pretty disgusting, but it is far from the par for the course.

        1. They are putting a target on American nationals. They show shit like this to try to divide us by race.
          The guy punched like a pussy anyway. I guarantee you if I had one straight punch on him like he had on that woman, his f-king lights would be going out. I know many people of different pigments of skin that I would trust to fight at my side. This was a retarded coward, nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Henry, you are absolutely right. I actually should be more specific, but yes, the ones in these big cities ain’t worth sh!t. Cowards for sure. Not all but way too many.

        1. Yeah, they are cowards. The only question I have is how good can they swim?
          This piss ant is no doubt a Judeo Christian Zionist. I’m sure he’ll have no trouble living with his cowardly self.
          And you are right, not all. But one brave man could wipe out a dozen of these cowards, if he could catch them as they ran away. I know some fellas who live in the city that are just as deadly as the hillbillies out in the country.
          I don’t care what color the coward is, he is a coward and that is all that matters, and his kind have no place in this country.

          1. There’s a lot of things to hang a body on in a subway train car

            If a punk like that did get a punch on my wife like that
            The very fist that hit her should have been cut off and thrown out the window as his head got bashed into one of those hand rails
            No one touches my family ,
            The war they want us to have against each other needs to switch victims
            To those pushing this agenda

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