Man ‘Robs’ Wrong Bus Driver In Chile – Caught On CCTV

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

A man attempted to rob the wrong bus driver in Chile on July 2nd, 2013, and was met with instant karma. A passenger sitting next to the driver jumps in to assist the driver, who had already used what appears to be excellent technique in disarming the robber. I’m sure that this guy will probably never attempt a move as stupid as this again! A ‘background report’ is also included below this now viral video.

4 thoughts on “Man ‘Robs’ Wrong Bus Driver In Chile – Caught On CCTV

  1. shoot, if that happened here, they would have declared martial law…
    arrested the passenger and fired the bus driver.

  2. Obviously a rookie. I can’t figure out why they just threw him off the bus, instead of handing him over to the cops. Maybe they have the same mindset we here at FTT have about NEVER calling the cops for ANY reason.

    What an idiot!

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