Man Shot in CHAZ/CHOP Wants to Sue Police for Not Responding Fast Enough

National File – by Lionel DuCane

A man who was shot in the cop-free Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone now wants to sue the Seattle Police Force for not responding quick enough after his shooting, despite police claiming they were held back by angry crowds when they tried to enter the anarchist commune.

On Friday two were injured, one fatally, in a shooting inside the CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone. During the shooting, crowds allowed firefighters to enter, but reportedly resisted the entry of the police, and helped the surviving victim to medical treatment where he was placed under intensive care.

The surviving man now wishes to sue the Seattle Police Department for not responding fast enough after he was shot.

In his hospital bed, the man began by explaining, “I was shot in Seattle, in CHAZ, on Friday. The cops left me out there to die.”

He continued, “I somebody in legal or the media to get my story told, and get it out there. I got shot five times–I need you guys’ help.”

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4 thoughts on “Man Shot in CHAZ/CHOP Wants to Sue Police for Not Responding Fast Enough

    1. This project was busted up for a reason! It was an experiment to cause harm and disruption for many by an unlawful government but failed. There was going to be a shit storm coming if it was not shut down. Americans Nationals are ready to take back their land!! F*ck anybody that stands against our rights as natural born American citizens!! BOR

  1. If these anarchist hippies want to occupy this property paid for by taxpayers, they should pay for the utilities, along with the land they have stolen. Oh, and let us not forget compensation for the crashing property values, and City’s economic loss (like Smead’s relocation).
    As for suing the police–when this first happened I said that the people of CHOP/CHAZ captured on any body cams need to be criminally prosecuted for aiding and abetting in a crime by actively preventing the entry of police. As for the dude who wants to sue–it’s called assumption of the risk; you knew it was a cop-free zone, but your stupid self went in there. One could only hope that all of the idiots in CHOP/CHAZ would ultimately just destroy each other, picking the population off one by one…kind of like Survivor.

    1. The police being removed was not unlawful. The police being there in the first place was. They are private corporate blackwater enforcers.
      I have no use for the anarchists and would like to watch them and the unlawful police kill each other to a man.
      Don’t come on here backing the f-king police, buddy, they are private corporations protecting the private corporate elite and attempting to subjugate the people. They are a violation of the supreme superior law of this land, the people’s ratified law, the Bill of Rights.
      In the end it is we the people who will have to destroy both the corporate communist police state and the communist anarchists and restore our law, the only law ratified by we the people, that Bill of Rights.

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