2 thoughts on “Man Unloads at San Diego Board of Supervisors Hearing With Powerful Speech

  1. 1.
    No mention of our Bill of Rights.
    Sounds like WWF.
    Fk the Nimby code.
    It’s not more important.

    1. @Hal Apeeno, RLMFAO, I was thinking the exact same thing. He sounds like a WWE wrestler trying to rile up the fans before a big match. Too bad Mean Gene Okerlund isn’t still around.

      And don’t you just love how the government officials always say, “Thank you, your time has expired” when they don’t want to hear anymore and want you to leave, even when their time clearly has not expired.

      It’s like that stupid White House woman that always says, “Thank you! Let’s go.” every time they want the reporters to leave before asking Joey any questions.

      They’re such cowards.

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