Man With AK-47 Opens Fire on Georgia Deputies

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

Dash cam video from a Carroll County, Georgia, law enforcement vehicle shows a suspect with an AK-47 open fire on a sheriff’s deputies.

WVTM reported that the suspect, 28-year-old Pier Shelton, allegedly opened fire on the deputies following a high speed pursuit.

11 Alive reports that the high speed pursuit ended near Ithica Elementary School early Monday morning.

Shelton allegedly began shooting after “Carroll County deputy Jay Repetto along with Cpl. Jamison Troutt” pulled close in a law enforcement vehicle.

Shelton was subsequently shot and killed.

Deputy Repetto was injured in the exchange of gunfire, but his wounds were not life-threatening.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on the incident:

If not for the heroic efforts of all Officers and agencies involved and to Corporal Troutt and Deputy Repetto for stopping the suspect, this incident could have resulted in more Officers being injured or killed and the suspects could have posed an even bigger threat to the public as this occurred in a residential area, and at this time of the morning, people are getting ready for work and staff is getting ready to arrive at the school.

One thought on “Man With AK-47 Opens Fire on Georgia Deputies

  1. Fascinating….. 1st off if you try to watch the video, you have to go to YT to watch it, The “Action” starts at 1:33 into the very short video, at first it appears to be a latino guy, but an Add pops up covering the guys face as he comes into view, which is unreal, I imagine there is an un-censured version somewhere.

    The funny part is, if you are going to engage the uniformed gangs who can’t lawfully exist under our Supreme Laws AND you are Using an AK, assuming it had (7.62×51) ammo…..

    is there a single reason there is not at least one dead criminal enforcer? You just have to be perplexed at these tards using weapons in this manner, the darwin award goes to the black guy killed by bullet proof cops..

    Ok, got it

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