Man with rifle shot by troopers outside Missouri highway patrol building

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A man with an assault-style rifle was shot and wounded by officers Monday night outside a Missouri State Highway Patrol building near Kansas City, authorities said.

No one else was injured in the shooting, which happened about 9:40 p.m. at Troop A headquarters in Lee’s Summit.

The man “wanted to do some harm,” state patrol Sgt. Bill Lowe told reporters, noting that it was early in the investigation and more details about the man’s motives were not known.

A trooper spotted the man after he drove into the headquarters’ parking lot and got out of his vehicle with an assault-style rifle, Lowe said.

“The trooper gave several commands to the suspect,” then radioed to inform others, Lowe said.

Two troopers fired their duty weapons, he said. He was not sure if the man who was wounded fired his weapon.

“There was nothing that the troopers could have done differently,” Lowe said.

The man was transported to a hospital, but his condition was not immediately released.

Troopers and civilian employees work at the building.

Lee’s Summit is southeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

4 thoughts on “Man with rifle shot by troopers outside Missouri highway patrol building

  1. We’re at the point where people are very angry, and in many cases, have nothing to lose.
    Some people don’t care if they die….. and when that’s the case, why not take a few deserving people with you?

  2. He showed up armed so they shot him. Not sure if he fired his weapon. Not sure his motive for showing up armed but he “wanted to do harm”.

    Fck the police.

    1. Maybe he thought they were having a buy back program going on that day

      He was just doing his part to be a compliant sheep , so they slaughtered him

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